Tuesday, November 21, 2006

...where the eagles soar...

Day Two: Kalamazoo

After sleeping in until a blissful 9AM we all lazily woke up, ate breakfast and then I hogged all the hot water by taking a 20 minute shower. I swear I fell asleep and wasn't intentionally stealing all the hot water when there were 9 adults and 2 bathrooms. Yeah.

Gaze upon these adorable pictures of Aunt Nancy and Stella:

Uncle Ryan finally gets to hold Stella. Contrary to what this picture might suggest, she really likes him.

We all went to my aunt's work and saw all the computer labs they have. Lots of beautiful Macs. Droooool. Then we went to a fabulous soup place. Yum! Stella had some sweet potatoes so she was pleased to be there with us.

After lunch, we met Uncle Bill and we all set off for Lake Michigan. None of the spouses and the niece have never seen it. It was a beautiful day, with the sun shining and not too much wind and although it was cold, it wasn't ridiculously so. I also had changed into 4+ layers. Here are some of the pictures Ryan and I took:

Looking towards Milwaukee (above)

Looking towards Chicago (above)

Uncle Bill, Tim, & Stella

Then they took us for hot chocolate and then we had to buy fudge...

Now, we're hanging out waiting to go get Chinese for dinner. Tim & Julie are showing us snippets of the video of their latest Loaded Gun Theory Show, Bitten: A Zombie Rock Odyssey.

Real comment I just heard: "I know where we should go! To the church-zombie fight!"

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