Sunday, December 31, 2006

Can I read 14 books in the next 9 hours?

Not unless I raid my kids' book shelf. Ah well. I did read a few good books this year. A whole lotta trash as well. Considering what my job is, I don't feel so badly. It's better than drinking heavily and constantly.

As for tonight, we have a fabulous evening of lounging and watching TV or whatever. We have a bottle of bubbles if we're in the mood. And we'll probably end up going to bed early. That is because we are approximately 185 years old. And don't want to spend a fortune on some lameass meal and god forbid we should go to a club since we're not into that anyway.

Have a happy New Years Eve and be safe! Here's to 2007!


dmd said...

You and Ryan would fit right in with my family. Usually, we are all asleep an hour before the ball drops and we miss the whole thing and don't care one bit. Tonight, we are going to my cousins' house to eat Chinese food and try to fight off sleep. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I third that. Nothing wrong with it. I pontificated about that a little on my own blog. Hopefully I don't sound too "smug married" I meant it in more of a grateful way. Check out Archangel if you are looking for a good movie to rent, kinda slow but seriously interesting with out history, was a book too if you'd rather. Love you! -Biene Maja

Anonymous said...

Argh...I meant WITH OUR history not WITH OUT history. -BM