Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Control your young, please

Okay, not exactly relevant to this post. Just my favorite line from a movie I haven't seen.

So, many changes are afoot at work. Some I can't speak about since I am sad and happy but mostly in denial. I fear change. And Dad, I miss you already.

So, instead of teaching TAKS science next semester, I'm going to be teaching reading classes. True story. For those of you who don't know me IRL, I am certified to teach physical science and English. In fact, my degree is in English, but everyone is always so desperate for science teachers that no one would hire me to teach anything other than science. Sometimes I feel like a bit of a fraud, although I do think I'm a pretty good chemistry teacher (and I'll continue teaching those classes).

Anyway, the school has some money for Katrina/Rita kids to teach them reading. This is a good thing since those poor kids make our worst ghetto rat kids look like they come from some fantastic suburban school district. And this way they don't have to hire a new teacher. I'm kind of excited about it, although we will have to make sure that the kids who still need TAKS science to graduate in May get it. But then, Danielle's success rate is twice mine, so they're better off in her class anyway.

Tomorow is the last day with kids until January. Bliss! Ryan and I are both off all next week. In addition to preping the house for a visit from his parents, we are going to see the latest Bond flick. Again. At a matinee.

Ooo, oo, oo! Gotta share! MIL of Katie-Kat always forces us to go to Mass on Thanksgiving morning with all the small grandchildren. And then we have to take numerous family photos, only then to have dinner. By that point, all the adults want to join the kids in shrieking on the floor. Anyway... in their 3/4 day visit, we're going to drag them to Mass two or three times. Maybe more. Haha! Ensemble at 9 on Sunday, midnight Mass, one Mass on Christmas day, and maybe the Saturday before all this. We'll see. I'm evil. So, do you see why I go to church so often?


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Reading classes! Now it's time for me to drag all my junk out of the attic!!! I have so much stuff! Literature Circles, paperbacks, stuff galore.
And wow, you get a nice long break. The kids aren't out of school here until the 20th.

Anonymous said...

Don't jinx me! I am living in serious fear that this semester's TAKS bunch will be complete failures and I will be to blame. I am glad you are teaching the Read-a-Kids (seriously, thats how I thought they were saying it in that meeting the other day. Be nice, I was full of snot and sitting on the floor hoping to not be smacked by the door for Pete's sake). You'll do a great job, if you can manage to not intimidate the older staff, that is ;-)