Monday, December 11, 2006

Hobo Teacher has been to my 4th period


Two of the girls walked by today and said how they were going to be wild when they come for their final Thursday. Considering that this is the girl who was in class with her hands on the sides of her chair, rocking her entire desk back and forth violently and making seal noises. I should've thrown her out. Or brought the drug dogs and/or men in the white coats. And the thing is that she's in another class I have and she's a normal human. In fact, I quite like her. But not when she's one of four girls in a class of boys who are a potent mixture all on their own.

Two more hours. It will take them 2.4 seconds to finish their final (if they don't immediately throw it onto the floor) and then I will have them swinging from the ceiling. I plan to show them the rest of Osmosis Jones. And if they get on my nerves I will throw them out onto the porch. Every single last one of them if it comes to that.

Did I mention how I didn't give them brownies last week? I am alternately pleased with my bitchiness and horrified at my bitchiness. But then if I have to hear about how I'm tripping on enforcing simple rules my head might explode.


Anonymous said...

Movies are a Godsend at test time. We watched Cars for about 40 minutes, after everyone was finished their exams today. Its Shemeika's but I am sure she will let you use it during 2nd tomorrow if you want.

Anonymous said...

Just be glad she was acting like a seal and not throwing feces.

Never say never.


Hobo Teacher

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Hobo Teacher is fun. I have never read that one before.

My second period had 21 boys and 9 girls. Except it wasn't so much a sexual thing as just the energy level from hell and stupid practical jokes like sticking gum wrappers in the outlets. By the end of the year none of them worked.