Thursday, December 14, 2006

Soundtrack of My Life Meme

Soundtrack of My Life Meme. Please tell me if you do this so I can go look. It's really fun to do! Oh, and the songs are from Radio Blog Club.

Instructions:1. Open your library on your Zen or iPod or other MP3 player
2. Put it on shuffle.
3. Press play.
4. For every question type the song that’s playing.
5. When you go to a new question press the next button

Ready, set, go!!!!!

Opening Credits: Christine-OMD. Oh Lord, a song about a woman selling herself to "feed those she holds sacred." This is going to be a great movie.

Waking up: Sweat-Sash. Whew, that one's a lot better. Gets my blood pumping and I want to leap out of bed!

Falling in love: Doop/Doop. Okay, so I met my guy at some big band dance thingy (in the movie version at least since choir practice is a little too boring). We're dancing like crazy and falling in love.

Fight song: I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind of Thing-Pet Shop Boys. Totally wrong since this is a song about infatuation.

Break up song: Missionary Man-Eurythmics. Well, I guess we already established that Movie Me is a little less than moral, so I guess this works.

Making Up: Ecuador-Sash again. Glorious! Happiness!

Life's Okay: Around the World (La La La La La)- ATC. Too perfect.

Mental Breakdown: Too Much Rain- ATB. Take this metaphorically--you're overwhelmed. It works. Personally, I love this song and find it very soothing.

Driving: Radiophonic-Pet Shop Boys. Perfect.

Flashbacks: Better Off Alone-Alice Deejay. Damn, they'd better pass out some happy pills with the tickets for this movie if my flashbacks are so sad and whiny.

Happy Dance: Cantgetaman, Cantgetajob (Life's A Bitch)- Sister Bliss with Colette. I don't know about Happy Dance, but this is definitely on my soundtrack. Not the sad part-- the part where I realize I want to get my shit together and start doing it. "I can't get a job, but I don't want a job. I just want to something else with my time." Oh, and "Let me tell you something: there ain't no parties, no hoe-downs, no good times..."

Regret: I Want You-Real McCoy. "tell me how to keep your love"

Final Battle: For Your Own Good-Pet Shop Boys. "Don't you think I could make a difference tonight?"

Death Scene: Messages-OMD. I think you could pull this off. Death of a relationship, surely. "memories are uncertain friends when recalled by messages"

Final Credits: Yesterday, When I was Mad-Pet Shop Boys.

Swell. Ah, but it was fun anyway. Can you tell I have my workout music on my iPod? Oh, and the very next song was Survivor by Destiny's Child. :)

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

So fun! I love looking at other people's music. Never heard Sash. I'll have to go listen.