Saturday, January 13, 2007

All weather news all the time

This is our current obsession around here. The marathon is tomorrow and as of a few days ago it was supposed to be somewhere in the 70s. Yuck. Way too hot. Ryan was the one responsible for global warming. This morning we were in the car and they said on the radio that the cold front was supposed to arrive in time for it to be cool tomorrow. There was arm pumping and cheering. You would have thought our team won the game we were so excited.

Ryan is currently putting together his gear to take and the backpack for me to take to three pre-appointed locations. I have a large Michigan State flag that I inherited from family and we got a PVC pole to attach it to. I figure it will make it easier for him to pick me out of the crowd and from a distance. Plus it will be fun.

We had a PANIC just now. Ryan's shorts for tomorrow were MIA. We did manage to locate every single pair of shorts that he owns, plus a few of mine. No luck. We searched in the washer and dryer and then I found them in the laundry basket. Stinky. He hand washed them in the sink and they should hopefully be dry by 5am when he needs to slip into them and out of the house. The race itself starts at 7, but he has to get there early enough to park and get all his gear stowed and go potty and all that.

So, pray for cool temperatures and nothing more than light rain and no lightning, no injuries and a good night's sleep.

Yes, that is a real CLIF bar. So freaking cute!


dmd said...

Here's hoping for good, cool, non-rainy weather!
BTW - did you ever get that recipe for how to make an omelet,inside a pancake, stuffed inside a blueberry muffin?

Loni said...

With all that support, I am sure Ryan did a great job!

See? I commented! :)