Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

As promised, last evening was pretty sedate for us at least. We were in bed before midnight, hiding from the fireworks and gunfire. And yes, we totally sedated the dog, poor kid. She is understandably freaked out by fireworks and gunfire. Oh, and lots of sirens. We have a friend who's a cop and he said around midnight, he and a bunch of others hunkered down in a concrete parking garage until things quieted down and the calls started coming in. And coming and coming.

We woke up earlyish this morning and got to finishing preparing for our Second Annual New Years Recovery PartyTM. We made four kinds of muffins including the Omé-Gomé (Homemade Gourmet) ones that I have been hoarding since I purchased them. Let me tell you right now that they went like hotcakes and everyone raved about them and asked where to get them. :)

We also had bagels and four teeny tubs of flavored cream cheese, bread, cold cuts, cheese, various condiments, fruit, crudité (CRUD-ite), and Ryan's Cinderella cake with mascarpone cheese frosting that was my contribution (much better than the cream cheese from a can frosting and we had the cheese that we needed to use). We also had cheesy scrambled eggs and two kinds of sausage. We used the chafing dish Ryan's mom lent us and our new toy...

Check out the cool lid holder! Much fancier backdrop than we had since this was a definitely casual party. So, so fun. And yes, we spent some significant time trying to track down Sterno. We found it at a hardware store.

Anyway, we were playing the how close to a party can we vacuum before the dog resheds enough to make another dog game. After we were all ready, what do we hear but our lovely pooch yakking. On the freshly cleaned floor. Lovely. Oh, I want a baby! Sign me up right now! Sigh.

We had about 20-some people throughout the day. A few brought food and lots and brought wine. Some we opened, but mostly people stuck with juice, water, Italian soda, and lots and lots of coffee. So, it appears that a good time was had by all. We had people here until about 5:30 and then we cleaned up and now we're lazing about in our squeaky clean house, watching the OU game. Life is good.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

So glad the ome-gome was a hit. :) Gilly would be pleased to hear it. I love the way she says that. Send people my way if they want any, or have a catalog party and earn free stuff your own self.
Happy new Year! I love your new dish thing.

Carrie said...

awesome dish. i so wanted to have a party, but didn't want to do the work that goes into it. kelli will tell you that is just very much like me. glad you had fun.

happy new year!