Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I got the call!

At some ungodly hour of the morning I got a text from Danielle saying that we didn't have school. Yahoo! I yelled, "turn off the alarm" and crawled back in bed. When the alarm went off moments later, Ryan listened to the news only long enough to hear that our district had called off school. At about that time, I got a call saying that school was off. The very last sentence was something about teachers not having report to school. Just in case it was unclear. Woohoo! I woke up hours later, once it had warmed up enough to make it seem silly that they'd called off school. Not that I was complaining. There were enough wrecks in the morning to justify it.
Poor Ryan is miserably sick. His annual/semi-annual respiratory infection. How long has it been since I mentioned how much I appreciate his mom not taking him to the doctor until he had pneumonia NUMEROUS TIMES when he was a kid? Yes, I actually heard her tell one of her offspring to "stop it" when they coughed. Not that I'm bitter. Not that it's her fault that he gets sick in the first place, but all the scar tissue in his lungs makes things serious very fast.

He did fill a prescription for antibiotics last night and he spent almost all day today in bed. Except for the maybe three hours he spent on the couch. At one point he was under extra blankets in bed, shivering.
I brought him Tylenol and tea and soup and anything else he needed. I kind of enjoyed fussing over him, but not the fact that he needed it. I went out this evening to Kroger and there were maybe 20 cars in the parking lot. At 9:30. Bizarre. He should be all set for tomorrow, although if he's as much of a mess as he was today, my butt is staying home to take care of him. Standing up long enough to make soup is almost more than he can handle and I'm not exaggerating. Plus, I was all ready to go to training today so I have crap for my kids to do if I don't go to school. Plus, chances are they won't come and if they do the heater still won't be fixed. I'm really, really burned out. Not with teaching, per se, although that's true to a certain extent. Just with having a job. And dealing with other humans. Krrrr. Bedtime.


Loni said...

Get well soon, Ryan! :)

dmd said...

I didn't even listen to that school phone call. I just hit the ignore button. I wasn't risking them saying that the news was wrong :)

Mumsley said...

Kate, our neighbor was shocked: he had to use his defroster yesterday in CALIFORNIA = imagine! And it was cold. I think the people here are a bit spoiled. :) But I'm glad you took care of Ryan. How is he doing now? Bless his heart! Mama