Sunday, January 14, 2007

Let the resting commence!

Ryan slept moderately well last night and got up around 4 to get ready. I barely slept at all and got up around 7 and it was already 64 degrees. What the heck?!? At least it was just misty and foggy and the sun was not out. I wore my adorable little Michigan State sweatshirt, carried the old green flag with the big white S on it and a green pom-pom. I figured that I would stick out with all that.

I met Ryan and a couple of his friends by Disco Kroger (Kroger on Montrose--mile 8ish) in the middle of the mist and fog. They all lubed up with the same Body Glide which is quite possibly the filthiest thing I've seen in quite some time. Then Ryan traded out his bottles, kissed me and was off again. On my way back to my car I glared at the idiot guy who yelled at me about my flag earlier. Right, because it was blocking his view in a way that the other spectators with their signs and balloons and FLAGS weren't. He very nearly incurred my wrath by calling me "lady." Ah well. I managed not to pummel or scream obscenities at anyone. Or run him through with my flagpole. I filled up Ryan's empties and went off to the next stop around mile 15-16.

I parked my car about three blocks from the next spot because of all the closed streets. I knew that Donald was volunteering and I was looking to see if I could run into him. I did and he literally bent over double laughing. AT me, because that's the kind of fabulous friend he is. Truly. He did admit that my gear was effective. He didn't have any trouble picking me out of the crowd. He helped me look for some safety pins to get Ryan's bib back on. No such luck, although I did get some completely useless flashy pins from the Bacardi booth. Yeah, that Bacardi. (Just in case you were wondering, they weren't passing out samples before noon on a Sunday at a long distance running event, just passing out promotional doodads) I kept asking random women with purses for safety pins and a few almost called the police on me. Forgive me for asking... One of the volunteers ran to her car and got me a few, which was ridiculously sweet.

I was walking more towards the appointed spot and I got a few comments on my gear. One guy said something and then a little farther down the sidewalk the woman with him came running after me and asked if I would wait with them for their runners. The man's wife was an MSU alumna and he thought she would get a kick out of me. :) They were very nice and their respective spouses seemed to enjoy the extra cheering. Ryan came by a little later and I gave him the last of his fluids and goo and shot bloks. (How many filthy or dirty-sounding sentences have there been in this post?)

Did I mention that both of these spots had a Starbucks? And that I didn't go in to the first one at all and the second one only after seeing Ryan? Occasionally I do have my priorities in order.

Then I met Ryan at about mile 23. I ran into a bunch of people who complimented my flag. I was kind of wondering what Ryan would want from me besides encouragement since the backpack was nearly empty by that point. No more fluids and there was a nearly full plastic bag in the back of the car with cast off sopping wet shirts and bottles and such. Turns out he peeled off his belt like the space shuttle shedding its last fuel tank and then it was on for the last few grueling miles. And I was on a race to downtown, trying to figure out the best route with all the closed streets and trying to find the absolutely closest parking spot. It just seems wrong to ask someone who's just run 26.2 miles to walk 18 blocks to the car.

I got to the George R. Brown at about the exact time that I expected Ryan to be crossing the finish line. Ah well. I did see him last year. I went inside and stood in line for a computer to check his time. I got up to the front and one of the people behind the desk started fiddling with the laptop and I realized he was packing it up. I asked him what he was doing and he said packing up. I said thanks for saying something. Quick as lightnig he moved on to the next computer so I ran around to the opposite side hoping I would get to the front before he snatched it away. The couple in front of me were lolly-gagging and I was dancing there and begging them to hurry up as I watched lines 8 people deep being shooed away. I finally got there and Ryan's time wasn't posted yet. Dang! About 10 minutes later all the computers were gone. WTF? So much for offering athlete tracking, Best Buy--thanks!!

I sat down, propped my flag between my ankles and read my book since it takes a while to get through all the picking up crap and getting food and such. Ryan called me and I met him and Pam, her mom and Jack. We stood around talking for a while and then I took Ryan home, threw him in the shower, put the clean sheets on the bed (I did something productive last night while I couldn't sleep-along with drying The Shorts that were still sopping wet at 3am) and made him breakfast. He showered, bathed and availed himself of the Jacuzzi tub, ate, and then passed out for a little while. And I did a little napping myself since although I hadn't done any running I had only gotten about 4 hours sleep.

After napping we got up and went to Cafe Express for some burgers and a few fries and a fruit cup to share. Now we're home and watching TV and doing some heavy-duty resting. Ryan is just beat, but not hurt in any way, which pleases me. He looked great the entire time and that makes me very happy. He hydrated well and the temperature wasn't ideal, but it wasn't as bad as last year, either. He's planning to work a half day tomorrow and since I have the entire day off, that will be nice. So, thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts!

Go Team Ryan!!


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Yay Team Simpson! So very impressed I am with people who can run.

Being called lady isn't any worse than miss...miss!!!!

Zolafan said...

could I just point out that I was not laughing at YOU, but rather at that MSU flag? I thought it was a masterstroke of effective visibility!

Unfortunately, I did miss Ryan as he got to that corner, 4:30 to 4:40 pace is one of the most crowded parts of the race nowadays.

that was pure BS postrace re taking away the tracking laptops. The course was open for over an hour after Ryan finished, I guess if you had a loved one out on the course, you were SOL.

Anonymous said...

So glad to know who you were...just got an email from Don who thought I might have been the one with the safety pins & he was right. I am in charge of all of the volunteers on Post Oak and was happy to help you. I'm also curious about Bacardi as they were supposed to be at mile 16. Where were they? Congratulations to Ryan! - Rosa