Monday, January 15, 2007

Wait and see.. my ass

Our school district is one of, like, four that it taking a "wait and see attitude" to the coming winter storm. Now, I know that all of you northern folks will laugh when I say that it's currently a frosty 38 outside and set to dip into the low 30s tomorrow. The problem is that it's been raining and the roads are wet and will likely freeze. I WILL NOT get on the roads with these yahoos if it freezes. They can't freaking drive when it rains and it rains like 200 days a year. So, snow, sleet, or ice, which they see once every few years is beyond dangerous. As in, stay in your house and possibly put mattresses up against your windows to guard against people crashing into your HOUSE.

Our district is supposed to decide at about 4 'o'freaking-clock in the morning. You know I'm going to be checking the news then. And guess whose website is currently down? Big shocker. They have an automated system which calls the students home numbers with a recorded number in English, Spanish, or Vietnamese. I'm not on that list. Ryan reminded me that Saltgrass may be about to get lots of calls... (For various reasons parents will give bogus numbers. It's always fun when it's something like a steak house where the parent has never been inside...)


dmd said...

They might as well give the school's number. Half of them have never been inside there either. Or maybe a library or book store.

Ann Marie said...

When I was in high school, we lived out in Friendswood so I had to drive 40 min into town for school. St. John's would never cancel school for flooding or whatever until after the time I had to leave to get there, which meant that we'd find out we didn't have to go to school about halfway up 45, usually around the UH exit where the flooding is the worst. Haha, I would have gladly accepted a 4:30am call over that! It also reminds me of my Georgetown days where they wouldn't cancel classes for snow the night before because all the students would get drunk if there was no class the next day. So they wouldn't announce it til 6am the day of. I'm sure the faculty loved that. Hmm, this comment is so long, maybe I should start my own blog :)