Sunday, February 25, 2007

Books I HAVEN'T read

First, should I keep track of the audio books I listen to while driving to and from Dallas? Not that I've "read" them, but I occasionally would comment on them.

Second, what about the books that are such crap I can't finish them? I finish almost all books eventually, but some... The latest is A Little Chance of Face by Lauren Baratz-Logsted. I really wanted to read it although I did wait until I could get it from the library rather than buying it at Target, which is what I am prone to doing. I can stay out of bookstores, but Target? I need things from there and I can stay out of the book section, right? No.

Anyway, the premise of the book is that an attractive woman tries to make herself less attractive in order to see if men would still be interested in her. It's kind of interesting, but the person who really pushes her to do this is her considerably less attractive "friend." Bitter and bitchy and wanting her to be ugly and ignored. While I can relate to being envious of a friend's looks or money or man or house or babies or whatever, it's hard to relate to really and truly wanting your friend to be unhappy. Saying mean things intentionally. I say stupid things because I'm an idiot, but not intentionally and I truly want my friends to be happy. And they want the same for me. I've sloughed off all the other ones. Life is much too short to hang around with people who enjoy tearing you down. I quit letting men do that to me, so why would I let women?

I really tried to finish this book. I made it halfway through and then I just quit. Too annoying and depressing. And I seriously want to punch that "friend." Maybe I'll be in a different place eventually and I'll read it to see which guy she ends up with (the guy who paints store windows because she'll have to confront her own shallowness?). I've enjoyed other books by the author. I just can't take this one right now.

UPDATE: Okay, it took about an hour before I was in the mood. Finished it. Not so bad. Someone punched the "friend." The ending wasn't quite as simplistic as you might have thought. Sure, she ended up with the guy, and he ended up having money, but I didn't want to throw up.

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