Saturday, February 03, 2007

I love Saturday

First let me say that if you're now singing that song (see link above or this one), you are a special kind of friend. And if you're not, I'll let you borrow my CD since it's so fabulous.

Another delightful week. Good days and bad. I had to do these one-on-one tests with my NO classes and I nearly killed all of us. I gave them work to do and sat in front of them, but they still couldn't be quiet enough for me to hear the child in front of me reading out loud. 18 inches away from me. I am really not making that up. I sent a few out. I threatened to quit (to Danielle, but not anyone "superior" enough to judge me or take me seriously). I begged for help and got some from an award-winning teacher. She sat with one class while I was doing the testing and even she couldn't get them to do their work, be quiet, or stay awake. In fact, when I'm interacting with them, they're better than that. I have to say that made me feel better. And it really is getting better.

I'm still working on the meds. Ryan and I are still carpooling because driving a lot isn't exactly the best idea for me right now. Mostly we enjoy the extra time together in the morning and afternoon. I say mostly because we now have to make more of an effort to get in our requisite alone-time. I've been reading more, which is nothing but good. I asked the girls on the book club board of this newlywed site and they gave me some recommendations for good books that aren't completely mindless but won't make me more depressed than I already am. Now I have a pile of books from the library next to the TV.

Random fun fact: I was at the library picking up my books from the reserve cart and I see the books right next to mine. The name looks familiar and I'm convinced they're for the husband of the teacher whose room is next to mine. Yup. We have nearly the same name and we share the same "temporary" building and although we don't look too much alike (we're both brunette, but she is adorably petite and I am, well, I can stand on a step below her and look her in the eye), it is a source of much confusion to the kids. "Miss... Miss... Miss Thom...(mumble)"

Once again, instead of working out for 30 minutes 3 times a week, I worked out 90 minutes once a week. I would love to get more exercise, but Larry N. Gitis is still having trouble breathing when he exerts himself, like when walking up a set of stairs. I could ask him to drop me off, but I have been so beat lately. I come home, make a very, very simple meal, watch some TV and/or read and fall into bed early and before I know it it's 5:38 again.

We went to a couples retreat last night. It was actually not bad for such non-joiners as Ryan and I. He put on a name tag and participated. And as we had hoped, the participation was mostly with each other, not with others. I.e. no role-playing. We had some good discussion time and talked more after. An old friend of mine talked about the 5 Love Languages. I was fully expecting Ryan to turn his nose up at it, but I think it really helped him. I guess he didn't realize that it's okay that he doesn't do traditionally romantic things or write love-letters. He shows his love for me and others in the things he does. He waits on me hand and foot and is the first person to volunteer to watch our friend's baby in the hospital. And we all love that in him. Anyway, I was really pleased that it was so meaningful. Thanks, Rob!

This morning, after my 45 minutes watching TV and doing cardio, I got into the pool and did another 45 minutes of cardio. On my way home from the club, I stopped at the dry cleaners and picked up my wedding dress. After our wedding reception where we walked around in the garden and danced on the deck all night, my skirt was filthy. And I wore the top half 4 or 5 times so the whole thing was FILTHY. Now it is back to the most amazing ruby color and I want to wear it again. I want to get the bottom half altered so I can wear the whole thing together. As it is, I don't have enough opportunities to wear a dress with a chapel-length train. (Any suggestions for alterations are welcome. I love the mermaid style that Yoshi from Bridezillas had--anyone have pics of that?)

(At the bridal shop when it came in. The waist is pinned since smashing doughtnuts into my face my first year of teaching made a doughnut around my middle and the waist didn't button. Also, I'm standing on one of those boxes.)

Tomorrow I may go to the movie with my sisters and then go to a Superbowl party. I'm excited about the movie and seeing the sistahs. As for the party, I really couldn't give a flip about the game, but the people and the food are worth it. :)

Thus endeth my weekly installment of randomness.

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