Tuesday, March 13, 2007

2nd day off

After an exciting day of bill-paying and appointment making (and working out) yesterday, I did some more of the same today. I went to see the shrink this morning and then worked out 30 mins on the elliptical trainer and then 45 minutes in the pool. I really needed that. After that, I went to the eye doctor, did some shopping after that for a certain little person and got dinner from the grocery store. Then it was a fancy dinner of cheese, crackers, and pears and oranges followed by ensemble and then choir practice. Woo-hoo! The excitement. But no one shouted at me, so I am not about to complain.

I'm driving to see my friends tomorrow. I can't wait! Hopefully the weather will cooperate since I really dislike driving in heavy rain. Especially here since people act like they've never driven when it's raining. Plus, rain will drown out the audio book I got from the library the other day.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

'Member when we were kids and our moms used to fix cheese, popcorn, and fruit for lunch all the time? That sounds like a perfectly normal dinner to me.

Can't wait to see you!!