Sunday, March 11, 2007

Curriculum by Piglet

This week in my remedial reading class, we started our new unit on SPACE. Guess I'm glad I didn't tear down all my astronomy posters from the McDonald Observatory when someone told me they were inappropriate for a chemistry classroom (another story for another time--like when I have a job with another district). Anyway, sometimes the curriculum is pretty dull or leaves out the good stuff. Like when we were reading about bog people and it didn't have any good pictures. Thanks to PBS, I found some great ones. (That was from the forensics unit)

Anyway, on Thursday we were reading about the International Space Station (ISS). It got all into what they do with waste up there. The toilet seat looking thing with the suction and then the "solid waste" is sealed in bags. The urine is filtered and put back into the water supply. My 2nd period class perked right up and wanted to talk a lot about it. Also, about how they put some of their dirty clothes in a spacecraft and drop it into the atmosphere and it burns up. "You mean, they drop their dirty drawers into the sky?" Yup.

After we were done reading and such we looked for more information on the internet. We found a fun video where Emeril Lagasse was talking to 3 astronauts--from Germany, Russia, and the US. An added connection to the kids' lives is that at least some of them recognized him as someone from home (New Orleans).

I must say that my 4th period class was not interested at all. I was like, hey guys, POOP! No response. PEE! No response. Putting pee back into the water supply! No response. In their defense, they were probably falling asleep since they come late to class because they go to the first lunch. And by late I mean 15-2o minutes. I told them that after the break if they come late, they can stay the exact amount of time after class instead of going to lunch since they obviously already went. It has just gotten out of control since I gave them detention, they didn't go, and their principal did nothing. Also, I didn't feel like starting class with 2 students. Literally.

Anyway, that made me chuckle all day. I could just think of the pig writing that day's curriculum. And giggling.

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