Friday, March 23, 2007

"Do I Know You from Somewhere?"

Said to me this afternoon as I was on afterschool duty. By ONE OF MY STUDENTS. And she was serious and didn't appear drunk or high. I do realize that I had ventured a whole 200 feet from my grotto, but still.

What a week. This is how things started out. Ryan drove me to work and as we pulled up, the shiny paint reflected off my shanty. All over the side. Ryan's response was something along the lines of, how are those job applications going. It pissed me off, but I was almost pleased that at least they didn't break in. My next-door neighbor is still recovering from her break-in. Anyway, how sad is it that my reaction is relief that at least they didn't trash the inside of my room.

In addition to the depression I've been fighting (another post), I've felt sick to my stomach lately. Tuesday I was crampy and nauseated and fearing I was going to get the barfing flu everyone else has had. There's only so much anti-bacterial handgel that you can use. I had an appointment to see my doctor anyway, so I took off a little early. After scouring the school for someone kind enough to watch my last class for the last 30 minutes of the day. Most people had legitimate excuses and really would have done it for me. We did get a laugh out of the excuse from our colleague who always seems to leave early...

After waiting for over an hour, I got my physical done and got some blood tests done. Since who knows what we might want to do within the next year, I did some broad-prenatal tests. [Calm down, Mom. Calm down. Just in case. :) ] Seriously, five vials of blood. The phlebotomist (one of my favorite words) asked me if it was my first baby. Yikes! We're just thinking about it! But I was nice to him and said, maybe. Well, definitely first, but maybe baby. I doubt that I made any sense. Anyway, all tests came back normal, but I have to get another Pap since they didn't get enough cells. Swell.

The next day I took the day off because I felt like hammered dog poo still and I had a dentist's appointment. I hadn't been in about three or four years. And I got the lecture about my poor oral hygiene, which I thought was unnecessary. Oh, and I have four cavities and one possible root canal. Damn! I know I shouldn't whine because I didn't have dental insurance for a long time and I try to take care of myself and well, don't hate me, but I've only previously had two cavities. In my life. So, I was seriously bummed.

Since I was playing hooky, I went to Ann Taylor Loft and drowned my sorrows in the sale racks. Seriously, ladies, their stuff is so cute and reasonable once they start marking it down. And often before. I scored a gorgeous brown shirtdress, a black polka-dot dress and two t-shirts since I only had two that weren't boy's v-neck undershirt.With holes. And stains. And spring is ending here, so it was about time.

I spent the rest of the day cleaning and filing and such. Woo-hoo!

Thursday was just another grinding day. My reading class was in the library and since it was an advocacy day, I had to keep running back and forth between there and my classroom. In completely inappropriate shoes that were tearing my feet apart. The last class of the day was chemistry and we took over our department chair's room and did a chromatography lab. My AP came by and did my annual full 45-minute PDAS evaluation. I was nervous and out of whack and about thirteen different things went wrong, including stepping into a hole in the floor where you could actually see the wooden floorboards. And did I mention the inappropriate shoes (open-toed, no less)?

I also kept having to go next door to get more chromatography paper because I was only allowed small amounts at one time. Not sure if someone once used it instead of TP to decorate someone's house and now it's strictly rationed. I hated leaving the kids unattended, but my AP was there and I think things went well overall. The instructions said to use liquid food coloring with capilary tubes. Of course, we didn't have any, so it was a MESS. I'm going to see if I can sneak in the storeroom in the dark of night and steal some more paper and we'll do it with a marker next week.

Today was okay. Other than realizing I am making such an impression on my students, I mean. After school Ryan and I went to work out. Let me tell you, Bally's on Friday afternoon is a Ghost Town. My guess is everyone was at Happy Hour. Normally we would be hitting a spot with happy hour, so I judge not. We just both have plans tomorrow morning so our normal workout schedule wouldn't work. So, no swimming this week. Waa-waa.

A delicious trip to Central Market, some meatless sandwiches and a tiny bag of chips shared later, we're home watching What Not to Wear. I love this show. And tomorrow, I get to see Stella!

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