Saturday, March 17, 2007

Life in the Fast Lane

Not a whole lot to report since the other day. Yesterday, I woke up early and got my hair colored and cut. Three hours with the best stylist ever. He always helps me get perspective and my hair always looks fabulous. I've gotten to the point where I tell him to just do his thing. He's now mixed this really pretty chestnutty brown that's pretty close to what my natural color used to be before the White Hair appeared back before my 19th birthday. Thanks, Dad. :) Then he cut some more layers but not length so my hair is still really long and a lot less heavy. (It's even longer in the back)

After that I went over and spent some time babysitting for Kaitlyn. I really enjoyed our time together, although she seems to be teething and so there were points where I just couldn't help her. I felt so helpless as she cried and shunned the toys and books and songs. But she fell asleep on my chest and I read a little, but mostly I just enjoyed being with her. Two babies in two days. Being an auntie is great!

After that I met Ryan at home and we went to church for Stations of the Cross. I've never done it in all the seven years of being Catholic. I do remember going around with my mom and praying at each station at a Catholic retreat center that we went to when I was a kid (my family wasn't Catholic). Ryan led it and another friend helped with leading the singing. I found it to be very moving as the readings are a combinatin of Old and New Testament scriptures. As for moving, there's a lot of it with genuflecting and then kneeling at each station (15 if you count the final one). My quads were very displeased with me this morning.

We followed with Baja Tacos at Chuy's. What could be better than going to Jesus's? (Chuy is a nickname for Jesus). Seriously, they have delicious fish tacos, which is not something that I knew even existed until recently and definitely didn't like. Now I am a fiend. Add that to the creamy jalapeno dip and it seems somehow wrong for a Lenten Friday. But not like going for sushi. My current feeling on meatless Fridays for our lifestyle which involves limited meat but with fish being more "special" in general is that it's something close to just not being able to have whatever you want and having to make a special effort. Yeah, that explanation is in the catechism.

We woke up early today and I went to work out and Ryan ran to meet me. I did an hour and 15 minutes of cardio since I wasn't about to get my hair anywhere a pool, even with conditioner coated hair in a bathing cap. It was fun to see Ryan come running past the windows. Yes ladies, that hottie's my husband. He did his thing for a while and when we were done we went to La Madeleine for breakfast. It's our current go-out place for breakfast on Saturdays if we don't make it at home. Basically, the food is good and the coffee is excellent. While I am happy with my hot chocolate with mint (and whipped cream on top if I'm feeling really naughty), Ryan really hates diner coffee and he's gotten to the point where he'd just as soon stay in and make it ourselves.

Blah, blah, blah, this is even boring me. Point being that the weather was so amazingly beautiful today (sorry to all your people frozen up North) we had to sit outside in the sun. Plus, we stank. Problem is, that's the smoking section. It was like all the old chain smokers who need to have their pictures put in quit smoking ads along with pictures of how cute they used to be. Oh, and how they didn't always sing basso profundo.

We went to IKEA after that and got some office furniture so I can actually file our things instead of putting them in folders and then trying to wedge them into the old cabinet that was broken and only opened about 4 inches. And Ryan continued his Quest for the Perfect Fluorescent Lightbulb. And I got a lapdesk so my laptop won't give me heat rash on my thighs anymore. Of course, I could just turn the thing off. Nah!

Dinner at La Griglia with Rob and Anne Marie this evening. Food was good, but we were seated by the bar and the same ladies from this morning were there, except 10 years earlier so they were still moderately cute, although they looked late 30s and were probably actually no more than 25. On our way out, there was a group of women all in green skin-tight outfits. One woman even had a bright green feather boa. We waited until we were in the car to make our catty comments. Drinks before work was one. Mutton dressed as lamb was mine (I love that phrase!) Yes, we're going to Hell.* On the way we stopped at Amy's Ice Cream for deliciousness. I got Sweet Cream with three whole Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate jimmies on top because I am 7 years old. And we stopped for some angioplasty on the way home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day, all! Be safe and enjoy all that fabulous green beer!

*I personally don't spend a lot of time worrying about Hell. I do the best I can to be a good person, but I doubt that my soul's place in eternity will be determined by catty comments I made. Not that they're meaningless, just that I do so much more that is truly bad.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Fun hair! It doesn't look like he cut any length off. I love the color.

dmd said...

Your hair looks great! I should visit him. I think I need a total make over though.

Carrie said...

i'm with you on the lenten friday sacrifice thing. we looove shrimp and seafood, and don't usually have it during the year, so it just doesn't seem right to gorge ourselves on fried shrimp when we're supposed to be sacrificing something we want. and yeah, i guess just being mindful of the reason behind your choice of seafood over meat is the point.

and i love fish tacos too!!!

Loni said...

Please hop on over to Kelli's blog and wish her a very happy Birthday!

Your hair looks great! :)