Sunday, March 11, 2007

Since I don't have students to complain about

I was watching The Barefoot Contessa the other day. I kind of like her show, but she kind of annoys me, although she makes Ryan insane. He hates her. He will leap over furniture to turn off the TV if she comes on. I'm not completely sure why he hates her so much, but he does.

Her show is beautifully filmed and she makes delicious-looking things, although your arteries start clogging just by watching it. She adds cream to just about anything and while I love cream, you just don't need it in everything.

So, the other day she was making something and pointed out that:

"It is, dare I say it, lowfat." As in, it's made out of poop. Her voice was dripping with disdain and I swear her lip was curled. Come on, some lowfat foods are tasty. Herbs and spices are good for adding flavor to things, not just heavy cream and butter.

But the most annoying thing was another show where she was making lunch for some ladies who have a shop in the Hamptons where she lives. They were ninnies and kept making stupid comments. My favorite was when they were sitting down eating and one woman offered the plate of madeleines to her guests. Snooty shop lady called them mandolins. MANDOLINS. Slight difference...

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