Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eighth Grade Memories Meme

Got this one from Kelli. I was thinking that there has to have been at least something good about that year. Let's see...

1. Who was your best friend? I was mostly in between friends that year. Dana P by the end
2. Who did you like? Jonathan D. We "went together" for a little while that year. I had a crush on him forever. Got over it, and although we haven't talked in a while, we are still semi- in touch.
3. What sport did you play? Okay, confession time. I was on the drill team that year. My closest brush with real popularity. As in proximity to those who were very popular. I have to find a picture so that you can mock me.
4. Did you buy your lunch? Rarely, although I longed to buy one of those Red Baron deep dish pizzas wrapped in foil. Back then I still ate the lunches my mom or dad packed
5. It's Friday night, where were you? Home
6. Were you a party animal? I don't think I was ever even invited to a party
7. Skip school? Never.
8. Did you get suspended/expelled? Never in my whole school career, although I went to school at home the last two years, so who knows what kind of trouble I might have gotten into had I stayed in a normal high school.
9. Can you sing the alma mater? In junior high? I have no memory of it, although I remember being in the band and playing at pep rallies, so I must have known it once.
10. What was your favorite class? Ms. Pendleton's science class. I think it was earth science that year. I loved her and I loved the class. I remember a cool group project where we made a Monopoly game and I got to make the really elaborate playing pieces out of different colored modeling clay. Oh, and I loved algebra class. You got into one of the three algebra classes based soley on a test you took in 7th grade so even though my evil teacher hated me and my grades in that class were poor, I got in. I loved being in an advanced class.
11. What was your school's full name? W. H. Byrd Junior High School (even though it was technically a middle school since it was grades 6-8 and now they actually call it a middle school)
12. Did you go to the dances? Only the one at the end of the year. Another fun picture I need to find. I forced my poor date to dance one time with me.
13. If you could go back in time and do it all over would you? I don't even want to set foot in a middle school again. Ugh. Granted, it was the year things started to get a little better, but it was still painful and I was so awkward.
14. What do you remember most about 8th grade? Other than my butane-powered cordless curling iron? :)
15. Favorite memory in 8th grade? I suppose it was the weekend we went to Ennis for the regional band practice and concert. I got a spot in the top band (last chair, but who cares) and most of my friends were in the second tier, but we got to play in between. My friend Dana and I were stalking Jonathan to the point that even the poor boy's parents were asking, Katie, who?
16. Where did you go most often for lunch? The stinky cafeteria. I hated that place like poison.
17. What did you do on the last day of school? We were escorted out of the building with nothing in our hands but pencils/pens (and purses). Apparently they had a terrible incident of kids trashing the place in the past. I remember waiting for my ride--my sister's friend's old Beetle that was so cool. Also cool to be picked up by high school seniors rather than your parents.
18. Did you like 8th grade?
I initially though no, but looking back it wasn't too bad. 7th grade was a nightmare of epic proportions and that next year things started to turn around for me.

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