Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Favorites Meme

I don't think I've done this one before. A few friends did it and tagged me and I wanted to do it but was too lame at the time. Now I am bored stiff because it's TAKS test time and my testing group only takes one test in four days, so that's lots of sitting around and watching movies. Needless to say, I am all caught up on my grading and tomorrow I plan to do some cleaning.

So, fun things...

Favorites Meme

1) Color: Red
2) Food: Behold the power of CHEESE
3) Musical Group: Erasure
4) Song Right Now: Crazy, Gnarls Barkley
5) Movie: Shag, Rear Window
6) Sport: Baseball
7) Season: Spring
8) Day of the Week: I love Saturday
9) Ice Cream Flavor: Mint Chocolate Chip has reigned supreme since long before I can remember
10) Person: I am blessed to not be able to choose just one favorite person

1) Current Mood: Relaxed (Apparently it's possible)
2) Current Scent: Brilliant Brunette shampoo and Dial soap with a little been-around-stinky-ninth-graders.
3) Current Clothes: jeans (on a Tuesday--I am such a rebel), brown v-neck t-shirt, MSU hoodie, and new running shoes
4) Current Desktop: best friend and her kids on my MacBook, Professor Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker here at school.

5) Current Ringtone on Cell Phone: Vibrate. I'm a loser in that area.
6) Current Music: Moby, 18
7) Current Time: 3:59PM
8) Current Surrounding: I'm at school so it's my "desk" piled with random papers, computer, printer, broken 312 year old graphing calculators, cords, books, glue sticks... And my ghetto dented metal folding chair
9) Current Event Happening Today: I don't want to know what's going on in the world right now. Yesterday was bad enough.

1) First Best Friend: My big sister
2) First Kiss: allegedly Mark W when I was in kindergarten or some such foolishness. Either I don't remember it or was in deep denial even back then. The one I remember was Mike F in the Disneyland parking lot on New Years Eve 1989. I remember the bus exhaust and thinking, ugh, this is what I was so excited about? Apparently, he was not impressed, either, although he decided to share that with the entire world. Man, I miss high school. Oh wait, no. No I don't.
3) First Screen Name: thomask5
4) First Pet: my baby book says there was a goldfish. I think.
5) First Piercing: My Ears, age 7 or 8.
6) First Crush: Some kid in the 3rd grade, I can't remember his name but he lived on the same street as Cheryl Y and had a little teddy bear named Mick Teddy (as in Jagger) and my sister crocheted it a sweater that I gave to him.
7) First Music: ABBA!
8) First Car: 1998 Saturn SL2. I was 24 years old.

1) Last Class: not counting the painful national board certification class we're taking now, the last education class I took at UST: Exceptionality, I think.
2) Last Drink: H2O
3) Last Trip: to see my bff and fam
4) Last Kiss: This morning when Ryan dropped me off
5) Last Movie Seen at the Theater: Because I Said So with my sisters
6) Last Phone Call: Eye doctor yesterday to order new contacts
7) Last CD Played: This compilation of electronic music. Now Ryan goes around singing "We are the rrrrrrobots"

1) Have you ever dated one of your best guy friends? Yes and it never ended well
2) Have you ever broken the law? Yes
3) Have you ever been arrested? No
4) Have you ever skinny-dipped? No. I love to swim, but never had a strong desire to do it nekkid
5) Have you ever been on TV? Yup. I got interviewed for the local news when we went to Italy
6) Have you ever kissed someone you didn’t know? How do you define "know"? ;) Honestly, probably not. I just kissed friends I ought not to have (see above)

1) 1 thing you’re wearing: contacts. The kids kept asking where my glasses are. I couldn't find them this morning, which is why I'm wearing contacts
2) 1 thing you’ve done today: force 9th graders to watch Rear Window. About half of them were totally into it
3) 1 thing you’re bothered by: Kids who yell at me about "having attitude" with them.
4) 1 thing you can’t live without: cheese. I would pine for chocolate, but I would die without cheese
5) 1 thing you do when you’re bored: Read, read other people's blogs, watch stupid decorating shows on TV.

1) Eastern Europe (hopefully going this fall)
2) Paris
3) UK & Ireland
4) Canada

1) Ryan
2) my bff
3) Danielle

1) Black or White? Black
2) Hot or Cold? I hate being cold, but I also hate broiling. Crabby.

1) Have a job where I am challenged intellectually constantly. Oh, and one where the bosses aren't psycho drug addicts or incompetent twits.

If you made it this far...Tag... anyone who's interested and hasn't done it already.


zydeco fish said...

4) Canada

Like, which part, exactly?

Kate said...

Where to go in Canada? Yes.

Seriously, I've been to the Soo Locks (the Canadian side since it's cooler-- and that was fun trying to explain to the border guards. Yes, we'll be here about an hour because we are incurable nerds), Quebec City, and Windsor for an evening many years ago with a roommate and friends who were underage in MI, but not across the river.

Ryan and I aren't huge touristy people, but a train trip might be a cool way to just get a glimpse of things and then see where we'd like to go. We also have a friend in seminary in Toronto and that's always a place I've wanted to go to (not counting the one when I was in a car seat on the way there). I would like to go back to Quebec as well, although my French sucks. I had a friend from Montreal and he kept saying it was a really neat place to visit.

Any suggestions? We're more city mice than country mice, although I don't mind a nice trip in the great outdoors.

Kate said...

P.S. And of course I have to go to Prince Edward Island at least once in my life. Yes, another dorky Anne of Green Gables fan.