Monday, April 30, 2007

Is it bedtime yet?

Let's see...

1. Wake up in a daze and stumble into the shower. Try not to break toe or slip while shaving. Mostly successful. After, get the news that there was a fatality accident involving a pedestrian, shutting down all the lanes on the highway right by school. Right where we're suposed to drive. One of two hit-and-run pedestrian accidents overnight. Can we all go back to bed and start this week over?!?

2. Kick a student out of class within 7 minutes of her walking in. Although, a strength: not telling her anything other than no, I won't go, although I am tempted to take you up on your offer. How about you do it?

3. Heel gets stuck in crevice in step outside classroom. Barely manage not to break ankle while falling face-first onto the sidewalk below. Change into flip-flops.

4. Eat bag of Doritos that I bought on Friday. They were locked in my closet and I swear they were calling and singing. Ryan picked me up and I kissed him, forgetting the dead animal covered in poop smelling breath it gives me.

5. Go to work out while Ryan runs. No rain predicted all week, even though it's started to drizzle. Ryan assures me it will be fine. The storms are supposed to miss us. About 30 minutes into it and all I can see in front of me is the local news with the RADAR showing torrential rain coming towards us. 45 minutes later, after torrential rain here along with lightning, Ryan sloshes into the club and I plant another Dorito-breath kiss on him. I was so worried I couldn't read. I knew he would seek shelter and everything, but still.

6. Have to fish the trashcan and three recycling bins out of the ditch, in the rain.

7. Clean the spilled water out of the closet. One of our hurricane bottles spontaneously busted over the weekend, we think, spilling water into our storage closet. Good news: nonperishable food didn't perish, vintage train set and Star Wars action figures dry. Bad news: mold. Lots of mold. Big gross, chunky mold. Pull everything out, wash things down and wash. Leave to dry. Strength: did not mix Windex and bleach-based cleaner.

8. Make delicious frozen pizza, go to get it out of the oven, using the peel. Ends up getting shoved back onto the back and bottom of the oven. 100% ruined. Not to mention burning on the oven walls/floor.

9. Turn on oven cleaning cycle while Ryan calls to order pizza. Is cut off the first time. The second time, the smoke alarm goes off. And another, and another, and another. Did you hear them? I can still hear them shrieking. Turn on fans, throw open windows, sliding door. Ryan is still on phone. Smoke begins to dissipate a little--not helped by our vent hood that isn't actually vented to the outside, even though it's against an outside wall.

10. Light stinky candles, eat pizza an hour later. Followed by a small bowl of M&Ms.

Time to brush my teeth (again) and get in bed. Hopefully we're done for the day.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

A SMALL bowl of M&Ms? After a day like that I'd have poured the whole pound down my throathole.

It does sound witty and amusing the way you described it though. Bonus points for making a bad day sound funny.

Lawfrog said...

Get the family-sized Doritoes AND M&Ms next time - that kind of horrible day just screams out for junk food comfort. Hope things have gotten better!