Tuesday, April 10, 2007

No More Bones for Tilly

A new picture book for children by Katie-Kat (or maybe not a picture book)

We got home tonight and the house smelled funky. We had chicken last night and I threw all the bits into the trash and left them in the kitchen rather than bringing them down to the garage. I figured that was the source of the funky smell. Ryan said, I found it. I walked up and there at the top of the stairs, right where she yakked yesterday, our delightful doggie threw up. Again. She also threw up majorly on a pile of undies that I had left to wash. Well, it looked like vomit, but suspiciously like poo.

Yes, friends, she poo-ed on Ryan's drawers. The brand-new ones I bought yesterday. Currently being washed in hot for the second time. Ryan was all, it's vomit. I was cleaning it off and I was having flashbacks to helping change cloth diapers as a kid. Poo, honey. POO. He cleaned up the vomit in the living room. And also the spot on the upstairs carpeting. That stain he got out and it blends in with the pre-existing puppy stains from the former owner and her pee stain from when we first moved in.

I turned to Ryan and said, "Let's have a baby! Now!" His comment was that there would be less poo (debatable), although I wouldn't let my baby run amok in the house all day without a diaper. At least not on a regular basis.

Since I was still feeling incredibly nauseated after scrubbing nearly the entire kitchen, I begged Ryan to order pizza. I even made the call without whining. Sausage and mushroom on five-grain crust with salads. Delicious. I passed on my regular multiple glasses of milk and had some water con gas. My tummy is still a little queasy, but we'll live. Tilly seems to be okay now, although definitely still feeling a little puny. We had to reassure her that we were not angry with her. Obviously, she was miserable, and I do appreciate her not crapping directly on the floor. She seems reassured. Oh, and the evil lamb bone is gone. Odd since we've always had good luck with bones like that, but who knows--we're not going to risk it. Hopefully, she'll feel better tomorrow or she's going to the vet.

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