Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Swept Away

I got to work early today, took care of all my business and was trying to decide what to do with my last few minutes of quiet before I had to punch my time card (metaphorically, of course) and let those heathen children into my room. I wrote a cute little blog about the weather and how I have a plan to go into the building if there ever is an actual tornado. We have warnings and such, but they very rarely materialize. I am from the land of tornados, though, so I make plans. Seriously, there is no plan for a tornado at my school. Let me tell you this-- we are not staying in my trailer.

Anyway, the rain started to get worse and worse and all I could hear was the drumming on the roof and metal covers on the walkways and the walls and windows. I actually even typed, perhaps I should get off the computer and BAM! Lightning and thunder simultaneously right above my head and the power went out. It didn't stay off too long, but it knocked out the server and I ended up unplugging everything anyway. The water started to collect as it does and the kids started getting panicky. About three years ago two kids drowned in their car right across the street from school because it was flooded.

The rain has come and gone all morning. I think it's gone now. It's still wet and overcast, though and you still have to wade to get some places out here. I'm just fighting the urge to nap...

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