Thursday, May 24, 2007


Today was the last day of classes. My favorite student, she of the Perpetual Period* (the reason she has to go to the bathroom or nurse every single day that she's in class. In fairness she does come late and leave early on the few days she does come, so she could actually be telling the truth) came late to make up her exam since she couldn't be bothered to do it at the normal time. I just wanted to go play with my friends. The last real exam was fairly uneventful. Except for having to put paper over my windows in case someone who ought not to have been there was there. Told the kids it was because of the glare on their laptop screens. Nothing came of it other than a very quiet class period.

Except for the girl who banged on the door and when I opened it, it was like I was invisible. She kept looking into the classroom and shouted, "My friend up in here?" Um, no, idiot. And get out. We're taking a final. Not that you understand that since you're probably still a freshman and not in class. One week without them. One week without setting the alarm. Happiness!

* As a teenager (and not so long ago), I had awful "female troubles" with The MinstrelsTM showing up whenever they damn well felt like it and the insane heaviness and cramps that were so bad I threw up. I once went 14 days in between, so I am really sympathetic. If I'm not, it really says something about you...

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Lawfrog said...

I can relate. I had periods like that as well. HORRID. I thank God for the pill every day. Took care of the pain and then some.

I'm glad you're getting a break from the evil teenage mutants soon!