Monday, May 21, 2007


Until summer vacation. I don't count Friday because there are no kids and it's usually a huge blowoff anyway. And did I mention that there are no kids?

I have a week off and then it's a month of summer school. Sing a little ABBA when you're having a bad summer school day: "Money, Money, Money..."

And seriously, what can't you do for 20 days? 20 measly days. Three ginormous classes a day, 2 hours each. Still doable. Also, in summer school if the kids act up, they get kicked out. If they're tardy twice, it counts as an absence. If they're absent three times, they get kicked out. Period. It's beautiful.

But mostly I am looking forward to a week of sleeping in as long as I want and not playing the "One More Snooze" game. That would be the one where I promise Ryan that this time I really mean it and it's the last time I'm going to ask him to push the snooze bar. If he ever got fed up with it, this is the clock I would need. After you snooze it once, you have to chase it to turn it off. Not that I couldn't just get back into bed after that, but once you're out of bed...


dmd said...

I really need that alarm clock. Of course, it wouldn't get far in my current disaster of a bedroom.

Ann Marie said...

I found that clock before online and signed up for the email list to be notified when it became available... but never heard anything. Is it for sale now? I also saw one in sky mall that launches a little whirlie when the alarm goes off and it doesn't turn off until you find the whirlie in your room and put it back on its base.

Ann Marie said...

ha! I found it! here's the link:

but it doesn't have the cute face the rolly one does

Kate said...

I can't remember where I saw it--probably Domino, so then a zillion freaky home shoppers went out and bought them all up.

I love the idea, but I wonder if it would break things, crush your glasses as it rolls off the bedside table, etc. Still, a very, very cool idea. And so cute!