Thursday, May 31, 2007

What I've been doing with my 6-day weekend...

Watching TV and sleeping in. Cleaning the house. I seriously spent two hours cleaning the stairs the other day. All the dirt and grime and paint splatters from previous paint jobs. Ryan's little spots were trivial in comparison.

I rented one of the 13,000 Sex in the City DVDs. Ryan hate, hate, hates that show and I never watched it when it was on HBO and watching it in reruns is odd since the storylines get all jumbled. So, I spent a few hours watching that and rotting my brain a little.

Then I watched Friends with Money. Wow, all those fabulous actors and what a freaking depressing movie. Put the knives (and ninja swords) away when you watch that one.

Tonight I am going to watch The Starter Wife.
There are few things I love more than movies and shows based on chick lit books. Even the really, reall cheesy ones.

When summer school starts and I start having normal hours again and I spend more time at home with Ryan there, I will go back to my normal TV life of watching shows that we both like. Or lying on the couch facing the other way while he watches Blade the Series or whatever. :) Not to mention the Astros, who I really like, but sometimes need a break from.


I also took my fabulous puppy to the vet today. It was just a check-up and some shots and stuff that are included in her "wellness plan." Yes, our dog has health insurance. I don't think there's a huge savings, but it does spread the cost out over the course of the year, which is nice. Anyway, turns out she has an ear infection so they treated her and gave me some drops and other medicines. When they gave me the bag she was jumping up like it was candy. Everyone in line behind me got a kick out of that.

I was feeling badly about not realizing that she had anything other than early-summer itchiness. Someone who knows way more about animals told me it's a good thing we caught it early since those types of things get really ugly if they're not treated. Of course, Tilly doesn't know that and was very pleased to ride around in the backseat of my car. I am surprised that no one wrecked their car because they were so busy staring at the combined cuteness.


dmd said...

I love Sex and the City! I used to watch it on HBO all the time. The reruns on regular TV are useless....they skip all of Samantha's scenes and cut all of the bad words. Those 2 things are what makes most of the episodes so funny! Have you read the book? (what am I thinking, of course you have). I hated it. i wonder if I would have liked it if I hadn't seen the show first.

Kate said...

I agree that Samantha is pretty boring on the expurgated version on network TV.

I also hated the SITC book. I didn't even finish it, which will tell you how bad I thought it was. I think the fact that I had ideas of who the characters were and it didn't fit the book didn't help. I also didn't think it was particularly well-written. I lurve the shows, though.

Kate said...

P.S. Half the time when I see Samantha I think about the SNL sketch where Christina Aguilera's playing her and she sayd, "I'm a duuuude." The voice and the manner were perfect and it always cracks me up.

As does the MadTV Whores in the City sketch.