Saturday, June 16, 2007

Even my doggie likes to text

I received the following text message this afternoon:

Momma, there is thunder

How cute is she? There's a dog door into the garage and then from the garage to the backyard. We've always kept it closed because we didn't want her wandering the garage without supervision. Last weekend Ryan cleaned and organized it and it looks great. Today it was storming horrifically, even for Houston. Ryan was in the garage fixing Greta and so he opened up the door and immediately, a little head poked out. He said she stood there for about 15 minutes. He had laid a towel out on the floor next to him for her to lie on, but she was back in the house when I came home. He called her and out poked a little head. When she saw me, she leaped out and fell on me, kissing me. It especially helped me since I was sad that I'd had to turn around and come home after I hit high water going to my friend's house.

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