Sunday, June 03, 2007

Honey... I broke your dog

We hosted the choir party at our house today and in between stressing about the pig pen we live in, we were wondering what we'd do about our dog being underfoot. Locking her in the bedroom upstairs isn't an option. We did that once and we heard her rolling around really loudly. All night. Pill.

Putting her behind a gate would mean whining. So, genius that I am, I scheduled her for a Day of Beauty. (I would like to take credit for that, but it's Ryan's term) I wasn't sure if she normally gets a bath and a haircut or what. I do know she gets a mani-pedi. When I took her in this morning they asked about the haircut and I said sure. I was thinking, Houston, June, flea treatment last week, chewing her bum... the girl said she hadn't had one before, but I was feeling wild and I said go for it.

Fast forward many hours. I go to pick her up and forget about the whole rigamarole where you have to get your bill in the little grooming shop and then go out and stand in the regular PetsMart line to pay and then come back. Anyone else feel like they're back in the USSR? Anyway, when I was finally done paying, they brought her out and all I saw was a blur of white scrabbling around on the tile floor. I almost didn't recognize her. I could actually see some of the pink of her skin when she moved a certain way. She wasn't looking at me, just pulling to get out. I did drag her over to the vet's scale just out of curiosity. It's hard to tell since she moves around so much. She "weighed" 3.5 pounds more the other day when I took her to the vet. I don't know that she lost that much hair, but I'd believe about a pound.

She still wasn't looking at me and was pull, pull, pulling, although she peed in record time as soon as we got out (more than just normal everyone has peed here, therefore, so must I). Oh, she also pooped in their groundcover. We went all the way back to their little poo bag dispenser section, but it was empty and I'm not sure I could have found the poo again since it was buried.

She did lick my hand and then "kiss" my face thoroughly in the car, although she did seem a bit out of sorts. When we got home, she spent a good bit of time sniffing around the house, smelling all the strange people smells. She also made sure that I didn't miss any food scraps when I vacuumed after the party. Eventually, she came upstairs where I was.

I was kind of afraid of what Ryan would say when he saw her. First, for spending the extra money (not much actually), but mostly because I broke his dog! He was a little surprised, but I had warned him that she was getting a haircut. We took her for a walk later and one of the neighbors thought we got a new dog. Ryan did admit that she seemed more comfortable. Because no one in Houston in June should be wearing a thick fur coat. She does look a little silly. 'Cause she's nekkid!


zydeco fish said...

Funny story. She looks cute, even if nekkid.

Julie said...

I think she actually looks really cute with her short look. I'm taking Roxie to get her haircut tonight and I'm always shocked when I pick her up. Tilly may feel better with a shorter cut in this heat, she looks really cute, not weird at all!

Ann Marie said...

My sister's/parents' dog Amelie always gets the worst haircuts... she's got a cocker spaniel's body with a golden retriever head and coloring. They asked if we wanted a spaniel cut one time, and they shaved off her back but left all the fur on the lower half of her body long. It looked ridiculous.

ksl said...

We got Jersey groomed last month and he was so hairy and wiggly it took 7 hours. They shaved all of his body except his tail and now he looks like a fox. Tilly looks great!

Oliver said...