Saturday, August 25, 2007

Doggone Houdini

After the eye infection and pooping incident, things got even more fun. While Ryan was out of town for a week and I was shuffling around depressed, Tilly was depressed and started acting weird. She would shriek when I touched her sometimes and she would shake and sometimes wouldn't lift her head up. I was freaking out. I was afraid that she was hurt but sometimes she would trot up and down the stairs and wag her tail like nothing was wrong, so I suspected that she might just have been depressed like her momma and wanting her dad to come home.

I took her to the vet and at first they thought it was just nerves, but then the neck thing pointed to an injury. I can't imagine how that happened. Oh wait, all the crashing around like the Tasmanian Devil in that collar. So they did xrays and two of her cervical vertebrae are compressed. Vet said to try steroids and if that didn't work, surgery. We already agreed that we wouldn't do surgery, so I was hysterical at first. It didn't help that Ryan was stuck in New Orleans waiting for a flight as it stormed here.

I drove Tilly home that afternoon and the poor girl was too whacked out from the meds they gave her to knock her out for the xrays, that I don't think she properly enjoyed sitting in the front seat for the first time ever. I wasn't about to have her trying to climb into the back seat. I put the seat back down and my Neat Sheet down. She couldn't figure out how to sit or lie, but she eventually ended up with her head on the armrest next to me. I held her down/back every time we started or stopped.

Look at that sad face. Move aside celebutantes, Tilly's here...
We were both very glad when Ryan came back that night.

The vet said to keep Tilly quiet and immobilized as much as possible. He suggested putting her in a closet. I suggested that might cause more damage (to her) so we put her in the downstairs bedroom. Her bed is down here along with her toys and her food and water are in the bathroom, along with a big box of cookies. She can see out the sliding glass door and she doesn't have to go up and down two flights of stairs to go potty. The meds make her drink a lot so she has to pee a lot more often. To help with circulation and to keep her from completely freaking out, we keep the door open and have a safety gate in the doorway. (Ryan pointed out that she could jump over it if she really, really wanted to.)

We've been spending a lot of time in the downstairs bedroom. If the bed was more comfortable we would even sleep down here. The rest of the time, the bed is good for lounging and there's a couch and a TV.

I took Tilly to the vet yesterday and they said she's much, much better but to continue to keep her immobilized as much as possible. The problem with that, of course, is that she's feeling better, more frisky, and more naughty.

We were upstairs last night after eating dinner and I heard the familiar collar jingle. And then I heard it again. Closer. I got up and there she was nearing the top of the stairs and wagging her tail, all proud of herself. I sent her little butt right back downstairs and looked and the gate was not knocked down. She had somehow pulled one side closer to her and slipped out. Stinker!

Ryan keeps (mis)quoting that commercial, "What'd they send me? Some doggone Houdini?"


It was hard to get too angry with her since it took some doing on her part to just pry the gate back like that. But still. It's going to be another long week.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

A sick kiddo is no fun. :( Hope she is better soon.

KatieBug said...

Poor thing! Hope she gets well quick!

Zolafan said...

tell your baby Mr. Donald says hi, and to not be such a bad girl for Mommy and Daddy...