Friday, August 10, 2007

Tilly Wants to Be an Only Child

I took Tilly to the vet about two weeks ago because she had a wicked eye infection. She wouldn't even open her eye and it was all gross. The vet looked at it and from what he could see it was just conjunctivitis, not quite pink eye, but close. He did say he didn't see any scratches on her cornea, which was a relief. He gave me some oinkment and told me to come back in a week.

I got distracted and didn't take her back until today because I am a bad mom. Her eye is much better although she is still doing the squinty pirate look quite a bit. Arrrrr.

Although she does not like the ointment in her eye, she runs for it since it means a cookie. She is so bold that she follows you into the kitchen, demanding it. Stinker. This happens twice a day.

So, today she also needed a shot, but it was just something she could swallow, so she was all over that. The vet said he saw a scratch on her cornea, but it was healing. Probably from her scratching and rubbing. So he said I need to keep her from doing that. Since I am about to leave her alone for hours at a time again when I go back to work, we needed to get an Elizabethan collar.

Once we were done with the vet, we walked around PetsMart (our vet is there). I had a cart and I was trying to wheel that with one hand, her leash in the other. I had to keep the cart from crashing into anyone and keep her from getting into trouble, which is what she was trying to do her best to do.

I found a large box of cookies and then went in search of the collar and her food. I stepped over a little turd on the floor at one point. I should have known what was coming. I got to the food aisle and was trying to decide which size to buy and I look over and she's squatting and

On the floor!

Other than being sick, the only time she does anything indoors is if anyone else did it already. She kept telling me that. ARGH!

So, I left the cart there, took my purse and the culprit and we went to the front to get a plastic bag. I went back and tried to scoop it up as best I could. I left the smallest smear on the floor, got poop under my fingernails, and put the baggie on the shelf under the cart. So, we were nice and fragrant for the rest of our shopping trip. I was really wishing for some wipes.

Once we paid, I wheeled the cart out and threw the baggie away. I got her into the car, turned it on and the a/c on high, leaving the sun shield up. I put our purchases into the front seat and abandoned the cart there. There was a homeless man wandering and I was not about to leave my dog either in the car without a/c or the car running and unlocked. The thermometer said 100 degrees.

Once we got home, I put the collar on and the real fun began. At one point, she had both front paws around it and she was doing a bizarre jumping thing. She was crashing around and running into the furniture. Now, she's finally worn herself out and she's sleeping. I bet she's going to go nuts again when Ryan gets home trying to get him to take it off.

Sigh. Do we really want to have a baby? :)

Tilly says that I have stolen her dignity.


KatieBug (ksl) said...

I love your new header!! Tilly's eye doesn't look to bad. I hope she feels better soon!

Lawfrog said...

Aw, I really feel your pain here. We had the same thing with Chip when he had his surgery. They had to cut fairly deeply right above his eye so he couldn't fully close it for awhile. We are still doing the antibiotic thing and I need to take him back into the vet to have it checked. I too am a bad mom.

Oh, and get some stickers for Tilly's collar. We bought these at PetCo:

Might give her some of that lost dignity back;)