Friday, September 14, 2007

Beware of Fun-Run Bandits!

My school is having a 5K (about 3mi) fun run tomorrow. Since I am always one for supporting my school and since the money goes to scholarships for my students, I signed up. As did my lovely husband who I plan to parade around like a Pet on Parade. While I haven't told him of my plans specifically, if he hasn't figured that out by now, he doesn't know me AT ALL.

I'm reading all the instructions obsessively because this is my first 5K. Technically, I ran nearly 10 (6 miles! In a row!) last weekend, but this is a "race" with all that goes along with it. I'm personally trying to see how far I can get into my running without using a Port-A-Potty. Piglet P. Thomas, CEO and Founder of PPT Industries, sponsor of all things port-o-let would be sad to hear me say so. But he's just so excited that my race number is not just his favorite number (THREEEEE!), but THREEEEE THREEEEES! Anyone who's new to Katie-Kat World will just have to accept that we're bored around here and have created an entire personality, backstory, and corporate empire.... for my plush toys.

One of the points on the list is:
"Pin your race number on the front of your body about navel high for visibility along the course and at the finish line. Without a number, you will be considered a bandit, and ushered off the course." [Emphasis mine]

So, sounds like I should be safe from roaming bandits tomorrow. Whew!

Wish us luck! Ryan is running 12 miles before he runs the 5K, for a total of about 15mi. I'm not kidding. He's actually cutting back from the scheduled 18mi (EIGHTEEN) because of the sinus infection he just got over. He's going to START running at 4:30 tomorrow. After feeding him breakfast there will be some serious napping. All done before I used to even wake up on Saturdays.

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Kelli in the Mirror said...

OOH! OOH! I want to be considered a bandit! That is the funniest thing!

And WHAT is going on with your ichat? Every time I typed something it kicked you off. I gave up.

Have a great time tomorrow and don't let any jealous students lick all over your yummy husband. :) Or something. You know.