Thursday, September 27, 2007

I didn't see where it started, but I saw where it ended

Got to love The Office!

In exciting news in my life, my asthma is back with a vengeance. Okay, I kind of asked for it. A year or more ago I just quit taking my meds. I hadn't had any problems aside from the occasional sinus or bronchitis issue. (And no, no comments taken about how I might have had less of that if I took my drugs). After the race a few weeks ago, I've noticed other problems with my lungs. I thought I was just getting sick since EVERYONE at school is sick. A few days ago, I walked up the stairs to the 3rd floor and I almost passed out. I told Ryan that and he was like, um, can you please make an appointment to see the dr? Today?

I went today and we talked about which rescue inhaler I can use since there's some debate about whether or not albuterol is contradindicated. Darn MAOI. In the meantime, I can take Singulair and nasal things. I came home and got in bed and napped briefly and shallowly. Hopefully this will help. I want to sleep more than 5 hours in a row without waking up multiple times. And without being propped up on pillows.

Wow, I'm a big whiner. School is great, though. My seniors have been writing their senior essays. Although the rough drafts they've given me are ROUGH, they've really gotten into it. Of course, I don't think they've realized yet that when I said I would give back their rough drafts and have them edit them, lather, rinse, repeat until they're perfect means that they're going to be doing these until Thanksgiving. Haha. Of course, I'm going to be hating life the 387th time I read the same essay about Why My Grandmother Was the Most Influential Person In My Life. Of course, the ones that mentioned Captain America and Spiderman were entertaining.

And, no, I'm not making that up. SPIDERMAN. Tied him up and convinced him to change his evil ways. What am I doing wrong? My life is so dull.

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