Sunday, September 09, 2007

Reward for students?

In your high school English class, what would you have liked to do for fun?

Here's the situation:
Kids had a summer reading assignment. Read book, write paper, etc. For those who didn't do it, they have a test tomorrow on the book. I need to find something fun, but quiet, for those who actually did the assignment. (They get an automatic 100 on the test) The point is to reward them for spending time during the summer doing their assignment.

Any suggestions?


shoeaddict said...

I would have loved to be able to read whatever I wanted but, I was a big geek.

Chraycee said...

I generally let my kids do any quiet activity they want after they have finished a test (of course I usually walk around and suggest that they work on MY homework assignment for the week :::grin::: ) - as long as there is no talking. After state testing or finals though I let them choose their own quiet activity. My kids range in activities - the artists draw, the lovebirds/gossipers write letters,those who haven't finished their homework for the next period do that, some listen to iPods or play PS3. My master teacher used to keep board games on hand for after tests - like chess and checkers. I make mine do autonomous activities so they are not tempted to talk. So I guess I'm recommending free choice activities (of the quiet variety) it's a heckuva thing not to have to take a test while others are working their hiney's off :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I like chraycee's ideas. Also? Feed them. Bring donuts or M&Ms or something.