Thursday, September 27, 2007

Running update

On Saturday we ran 7 miles. I ran 3 miles the week before and I thought I was going to die. Four miles more than that and it was easy. Huh?

The difference, other than a 2-hour earlier start time, was the temperature. Starting after 8 when it's over 80 degrees is so much harder than staring at 6 when it's 70! SEVENTY! It was chilly when I got out of my car. Glorious! It's hot again now, but it gave me hope for what it will be like to run when it's cooler. Ryan's been telling me for months that it would be great once it got cool.

P.S. Lainey-Paney et al., BodyGlide is much less exciting than it sounds. Lube for your thighs and such so they don't chafe so much that you catch on fire when you run. It's more than consistency of deodorant, though.

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