Friday, September 07, 2007

STILL loving it

All goes well. I am just beat. Like a train ran over me. I know it's all new. All the content that is, although having the classroom management part down helps. A lot.

Tonight was open house and I had about 30 parents. Way more than any other school and it's light for senior parents from what I was told (and saw). I had way more for my one sophomore class than I did for the seniors. The school was crawling with parents. What culture shock was that? :) I did run into an AP from the old school (his kid goes to my new school) and he shook my hand and hugged me and when I told him what I was teaching he said that's what you always wanted to do wasn't it. Yes!

I'm wondering if I'm depressed still/again or it's just exhaustion. Pushing that cart all over the building is hard work. It's heavy! And then there's all the running up and down stairs and hither and yon for this and that. I get to school around 6:30-6:45 and leave around 4:30-5:30 and don't take breaks very often. No bored internet surfing.

It's very fulfilling but exhausting. I am also not running as often as I should. The weather hasn't helped. I am scheduled to run 6 miles on Saturday.

I wish I could sleep!! That's all I want to do half the time but my body is so tired I can't shut down. I dozed for a few hours and then popped awake at about 2:30. I came downstairs since Ryan's getting sick and I didn't want to wake him.


Pea Pod Mommy said...

The beginning of the year seems to be so exhausting ~ even if you have done it a few times. I am a pre-k teacher, and we don't even have students yet. However, I am still tired. Then once I start feeling better, I get my class list! Go figure! Enjoy your weekend~

Manic Mom said...

I WISH I COULD SLEEP TOO! I got up at 6 am today and IT'S SATURDAY!!!