Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Which coat do you like?

For our trip to Eastern Europe next month:

Nine West coat in gray-green or espresso (brown) ($148):

Banananana Respublik, jade green coat, $218. Gorgeous color, but does it defeat the purpose to not have a collar, even if you're wearing a scarf?

Ann Taylor Loft coat, $179. Will I look cute or like I'm wearing the couch from your house growing up?

Oh, and just in case I get some coupon, this gorgeous J. Crew coat, $298.

Or... should I just wear my trusty old pea coat?


dmd said...

I like the first one in expresso. I take it that they didn't kill you when you asked for the time off? when do you leave?

Loni said...

I also like the first one, but I think the grey-green would look really good on you. I think it would highlight your beautiful hair and eyes.

Anonymous said...

You going somewhere you need a coat?

Julie said...

I am a coat freak, which I realize is more than a bit odd for someone who lives in Texas, so this is a question I love.

I love all of them except for the one that looks like a couch, my favorite is the green one, but I've got to be Ms. Practical here and say go with the first one. I like the Expresso also because it's light enough that you can see the details of the coat.

On the other hand, your coat is probably going to get beat up traveling, so maybe you should just wear the trusty peacoat and save the moolah for some souvenirs.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

Yes, we had that couch.

I love your pea coat, but if you're getting a new one I vote the espresso nine west.

shoeaddict said...

The grey-green NW. It will match blk, brown, everything... Love it

Manic Mom said...

Nine West.

For shiggity. And hey, funny that I picked the least expensive...

But hey, now that I think about it, your old coat is fine... plus you'd have all that extra cash to find something crazily unique in Europe!