Saturday, October 20, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday, Kaitlin!

What a glorious year it's been! Okay, there were a few bad weeks there, but thankfully that's all behind us, now. Yup, this is the friend and baby you all prayed for last fall. They're healthy and happy now. Of course, now Kaitlyn has decided that her beloved Uncle Ryan is the most frightening person in the known world. Everyone tells him it's a phase and he just needs to spend more time with her and... you know it does kind of make him sad. It's the cutest thing. Anyway, PARTY!!

Check out the delicious cupcakes that Anne Marie made. Chocolate with buttercream, chocolate with chocolate buttercream and white cake with buttercream. And M&Ms and sprinkles.Kaitlyn's special cake for her to do with as she will:
A glorious piano!
I foresee this being something we'll see a lot of:
Ah yes, the birthday princess:
Hey Dad, what sound does a cow make?
Mama, I like this bumblebee rolling cart.
Oh, and we got Kaitlyn a pink dress I found on sale at Pottery Barn Kids and two books: Gossie (the Gosling--one of the freaking cutest characters ever) and of course, Olivia!

We went to a choir clinic in the morning after I ran 9 miles this morning. Ryan is feeling a lot better, but he still tires easily so we stumbled home around 3 and spent the rest of the day lying around like lizards. We even blew off a Mercury Baroque concert and we didn't even feel guilty (much).

We are so very blessed to have such wonderful friends!


shoeaddict said...

She is beautiful and I love the dress!

Lainey-Paney said...

she is soooooooooo cute. Her pics w/ her cake...OMG! What a cutie! and I agree---her dress is fabulous.

Kate said...

I KNOW! She is just the cutest! And such a sweetie.

Ryan asked her mama if that dress comes in a (grown-up) size six. :)

Kelli in the Mirror said...

She is adorable and the dress is too.

Excuse me, did you say you ran nine miles this morning? I have to go lie down now. After I throw up.

Caroline said...

Glad to hear that Ryan is feeling better and congrats on running 9 miles.

Pea Pod Mommy said...

Precious pictures! I adore the dress! My kiddos turned 2 last week ... time continues to fly.

Happy Birthday!