Monday, October 08, 2007

It looks like someone's got a case of The Mondays

I've been getting yogurt parfaits at Starbucks lately, along with a nonfat (milk) hot chocolate since they mocked me when I ordered steamers and I really can't have caffeine. Pretty pricey when it adds up, but I found it was a great way to start my day. The parfait is fruit on the bottom, a huge pile of lowfat yogurt and granola on top. It really sticks with you. Add that to all the milk in the hot chocolate and it's delicious and nutritious.

I suckered Ryan into getting one 2 weeks ago and he said it tasted good. I forced him to get another one last week and he agreed that it does indeed stick with you all morning, so he suggested making our own. How hard could it be? When we were at Central Market we got some yogurt and delicious gourmet granola (still cheaper than one parfait). We already had fruit at home and last night Ryan put together a few in Solo cups with plastic wrap on top. I said that would be enough to keep it in until we could find a better container. It looked delicious.

This morning I woke up in a fog. Even Prince and The Bangles were sleeping in. I slept in a few extra minutes because I didn't have to stop at Starbucks. I didn't realize until it was too late that I didn't have any lunch (i.e. Lean Cuisine Lazy Lunches). I sprinkled granola onto the top of my parfait (granola goes on at the last minute so it doesn't get soggy), put the plastic wrap back on top, drank a big glass of milk and wrestled all my stuff into the car while half watching the dog out front doing her business. Doing neither well.

I got to work and first I had to deal with some nimrod wanting to park next to me (as if) so I couldn't put up the sunshield from the other side and I had to wrestle everything out of the front seat quickly. And clumsily. I managed to get everything across the parking lot and apparently, I wasn't holding the cup with my parfait. I don't know. It's not really clear to me. All I remember is the cup hitting the ground and granola and yogurt flying all over the ground. All of it. There may have been a few blueberries left at the bottom, but I didn't have the heart to check. So, I picked up the cup, wiped yogurt off my leg and shuffled into the building.

I emailed Ryan and told him that the parking lot was enjoying my parfait. He said I need a grown-up sippy cup. Ha. Ha. But yeah. I also told anyone who would listen. They were like, "that was your breakfast? I saw that!" One woman even said she figured it was me when she saw it since I'm always going around singing the praises of the parfait. Arrrrrgh!

I was shaking all day. It's this bizarre PMS symptom I have. Ryan came up with a name for it awhile ago that was pretty clever, but we forgot it. I wish we hadn't because I always feel better about something crappy if I can mock it. Case in point: "The Minstrels." Anyone else makes fun of my period and DIES. Ryan makes a whole little pantomime and I just laugh. Anyway, before the Merry Band shows up, I get even clumsier than normal. As in, holding something one second and then the next, I look down and it's lying on the floor in 12,000 tiny pieces. We were at Target recently and I was holding something ceramic and then I was staring at its broken shards. I have no memory of anything else in between. Anyone else experience this?

The kids seemed to sense that my equilibrium was off and they took advantage of it. Almost one entire class didn't show up to the computer lab even though I told them 12,000 times last week to go there. And then a few tried to tell me their assignment from last week wasn't due today. Although they had almost a week to do it. And when I wasn't telling them to come to the computer lab on Monday, I was telling them that their assignment was due. I refrained from screaming or swearing. It was the sort of thing that I would have laughed off on a normal day, but today I was really glad that physical violence is frowned upon in schools these days.

I went off campus to Subway for a sandwich because I only had about 75 cents and today was not the day to have Cheetos for lunch. My sophomore class came in with their normal attitude and again, I had no patience for them. It takes them forever to sit down and get out their materials. They're the closest I have to any classes I've taught previously. They're a collection of geniuses. A couple repeaters, a couple parents... Yeah. The teacher whose room I share keeps telling me I need to email a certain coach about a certain kid who is a pill. We have a running argument about my no-food rule. It's after lunch and the kids try to come in with all manner of crap, including slushies. I hate those freaking things. They stink and they're messy. I didn't notice any coming in, but as I was leaving, there was red slushie spilled/sprayed all over the floor and all over my stuff. The other teacher said she saw the kid. I emailed the coach and he said he'd do something about it. Who makes a mess like that and just walks away? Okay, don't answer that question.

My last class went pretty well, with the exception of a few kids who thought their assignment wasn't due today because they weren't in class on Friday because of the Blood Drive. I assigned it earlier in the week when they were in class so they had no excuse. I'll be glad when they're done testing me. I think it won't sink in completely for some kids until they actually are holding their report cards in their hands. It happens every year. I can't wait for Friday.

After school I went to work out and decided that getting on the treadmill was a good idea. Apparently, this is affecting my brain because I completely forgot about this morning. I kept tripping on the front and the sides. I ran a little bit, but I was so afraid that I was going to seriously hurt myself.

Now I am home and I am going to go to bed soon. Hopefully I'll be able to sleep. Before midnight. All I want to do is sleep, but what can't I do after 9PM? Napping or not napping doesn't make a difference. Gosh, I am a whiner. A clumsy, bitchy, confused whiner.

But I am also the luckiest girl in the world. When I came home, I saw this on the counter:

One grown-up sippy cup for homemade yogurt parfaits. Thanks, Ryan!


dmd said...

I LOVE those parfaits! If they have the peach/raspberry one, try it too. Its rare, but so good.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

I had no idea Starbucks made parfaits. I swear, it's worse than smoking, that place. I read a study that says the average Starbucks patron visits there EIGHTEEN times a month. I scoffed until one week I went twice. Now I CRAVE it. I yearn for it. I pine.

And you are funny. I love you.

My Max used to shake like that for about half an hour after he first got up from his nap. His mom called it the 'shaky wakies'. :)

shoeaddict said...

The shaky wakies... I love Kelli.

And I love you , Kate. Poor clumsy Kate. I have never in my poor cuntry life been to Starbucks.

Ryan said...

I think it was originally PMDD (Pre-Menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder). However, that doesn't really capture the meaning since you, dear, are in no way misshapen. It should be something like: Pre-Menstrual Disorientation Disorder.
I am glad you like your big-girl sippy cup.

Loni said...

Okay. First of all. You have the sweetest hubby! Second. I knew a guy many moons ago who always knew when every woman around him was about to start. How? Because we ALL get clumsy. I don't know why, but I am sure it must have something to do with those dang hormones!

Kate said...

Isn't he lovely? :)

I've never been pregnant, but it sounds a lot like the clumsiness that women get then. Or at least what I've been told. Must be the hormones, Loni. Interesting that just about everyone gets it.