Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Award!

For writing, no less. Thanks to Kristen, the Shoe Addict:

"Kate at Katie-Kat World- Kate is here all the time, you should recognize her name! She is a teacher, a wife, a runner, a friend. She has been very inspirational to me in many ways. She's super smart, very sweet and determined. I admire that in people. She is funny and adorable, too."

Aw, how sweet!

My three tips for good writing:
1. Just do it.

Here's the info. Seamus says, "...the award that we can each distribute to those people who have blogs we love, can't live without, where we think the writing is good and powerful. I thought interested members could kick things off by publishing the award on their own blog, naming five people they would like to give it to (members or non-members), and accompany the image with three things they believe are necessary to make writing good and powerful. The recipients then do the same, passing it on to five other people, and so on. We can encourage people to collect their award from our blog, by copying and pasting, or we can give them the link to this post where the award is available in three different sizes, one being a perfect fit for sidebars. "

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