Saturday, November 10, 2007

Love is

finding a recipe and making your wife faux soy sauce so she doesn't have to give up sushi. Seriously, it tastes good.

That is to say that I went to the dr. yesterday and it's time to increase the dosage on my patch, which means dietary restrictions. Mainly, no stinky cheese, soy or cured meats. Sigh. It could be worse. I am looking forward to a positive change in my mood. That would be worth no cheddar.

Tonight we're going to have my last sushi with real soy sauce and then I start the new dosage Monday.

In other news, Ryan and I actually talked about timing of babies. Maybe if this stuff works we'll wait until summer to start "trying." His response was Eek. I kind of feel the same way. But, Mr. Make Me Faux Soy Sauce will be a great dad. In the meantime, we can get in lots and lots of practice. ;)


shoeaddict said...

I'm glad you are:

-getting better meds
-going to "practice" makin' babies
-married to a nice guy
-HOME :)

Sorry you have food restrictions but you are so right about feeling better being worth it!!

k said...

Hi. Hope your trip was wonderful. Sorry to use your blog for my personal needs, but could you have your sweet mama call me sometime. I can't seem to get her on the number I have. Thanks!

K in the Mirror said...

I second shoe. :) Hope you do well with the new meds!

shoeaddict said...

I gave you an AWARD! Come check it out on the Diary. ;)