Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Get a life and marry broccoli

Confiscating notes is usually good for a laugh:

-You stupid Homer
-So but your a dumb ass and a retarded person.
-so R U
-No UR a dumbass loser and a retarded person
-U 2 so what? .... Spanish...
-U a dumbass any way wat
-that everything u say it turns around 2U so yea
-That's the stupidest thing that i ever heard. Get a life and marry brocli. so yea.

--drawing of skull & crossbones--
-Rock on dude

Yeah. Oh, and by the way, if these geniuses don't pass the writing portion of the TAKS test, I'm a bad teacher.


K in the Mirror said...

That whole testing thing infuriates me deeply. Then again, so do those genius kids.
Marry broccoli? What is that about?

Kate said...

Yeah, testing truly sucks. And it hasn't improved the education the kids get so it isn't even worth the hassle.

I don't know about the marrying broccoli thing--some bizarre new insult. It tickles me, though.

Get a life and marry broccoli. There are quite a few people I'd like to tell that to.