Thursday, December 13, 2007

I crave flesh

Ryan had a work lunch at Churrasco's today. Chur-frickin-rassco's. And I wasn't invited. No dates. Oh, and I also had that school/job thing. Boohoo. I love meat. Ryan, not so much. He likes red meat about three times a year. I would love it three times a week.

Email from this afternoon

I only et half of my lunch, so you have some flesh for dinner.

Your Loving Husband.

He heated up the meat, potatoes and plantains and they were DELICIOUS. He later mentioned that he would have gotten fish if not for wanting to bring home half for me. Once again, who needs diamonds?


shoeaddict said...


I hate steak. I never eat it. I only craved it when I was pg.

Kate said...

Ah well, more for me.

Here's hoping you're craving flesh again very, very soon. :)

K in the Mirror said...

I always forget how much you like it. So sweet of him to bring it to you!

shoeaddict said...

Here, here!

It was milk and meat. Very strange...

Kate said...

Sounds like your body was craving protein!

Reminds me of Phoebe on Friends when she was pg and Joey ended up being a vegetarian until the babies were born so Phoebe could eat meat. Well, except for in London where he said it didn't count and he was walking around with a huge steak on a fork that he was gnawing on. :)