Tuesday, December 25, 2007

"I got hit by the Polar Express!"


Ryan's first words to me this morning. We were awakened by the carillon from the church around the corner at about 10. Both of our heads hurt, we're sore and tired, but happy.

Midnight Mass went pretty well last night. Some of the anthems were a little shaky, but all the solos were great. Ryan and I did the solos for the Schubert Mass in G (Kyrie and Agnus Dei). This year we did them sans microphone and it was much better. Mine are in the range that hurt the dog's ears. (Truly, she gets upset when I practice.) Ryan sounded amazing. I was so proud! I heard my dry throat and all the things that weren't perfect, but everyone complimented me and said it was the best ever. I think were you channeling a 12-year-old boy from the middle ages was one of them. ;) I sang in honor of my Grandma and knew she would be pleased even if I croaked like a frog.

Oh, and the incense? Son of a nutcracker!! There's always a lot, but this was insane. Maybe we were all high. Our friend's son had the censor and at one point he was swinging it and I saw a SMOKE RING! I was trying not to crack up. It was hard to sing with that in my face and lungs, but I managed. And I felt the entire choir behind me pushing me up to those high A's.

Today our plan is to lie around like lizards. We saw a few families walking by the house earlier. One little boy was on his first new bike--shiny, training wheels, tugging at the strap on his helmet. What could be better?

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