Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Years Recovery Party Plans-Updated

3rd annual party planning commences...

It's very informal and we always do some kind of breakfasty items, but also found that as the day goes on, people want more filling things. Our theme this year is gracious and cheap.

vegetable crudité with ranch dip (we have this once a year)
fruit plate (apples, oranges, pears, melon, pineapple, grapes)

cheesy scrambled eggs
quesadillas (some with grilled chicken) with Ryan's famous guacamole
sandwich fixings (meats and cheeses)

Homemade Gourmet pecan pie mini muffins ran out of time
Homemade Gourmet molasses cookies
Hershey's kisses
Central Market truffles
lemon madeleines (I have to find a recipe--I love the ones that La Madeleine makes)

Sparkling & still water
Orange juice
Pomegranate Italian soda
Blood orange Italian soda
Wine (people usually bring this)
Diet Crack Coke
Mimosas have been discussed although we haven't before. They're not too expensive since Central Market sells a good, cheap Cava for about 6 bucks a bottle too expensive

So, any suggestions? If you were coming to an open house where you were going to lie around, what would you want? We want hangover food and also food for people who've made healthy living resolutions. :)


Zolafan said...

[whispers]don't forget the Diet Coke...[/whispers]

Kate said...

LOL, Donald! We have regular and lime in 2L bottles. One for each of your fists? ;)

Shoeaddict said...

Happy New Year, doll! Have fun. We will be in New Orleans until tomorrow for the Sugar Bowl.