Monday, December 24, 2007

Our gift exchange

This year was the first year that we've exchanged presents in I don't know how long. Maybe since our first year together. When we didn't have jobs we didn't have much money or much Christmas spirit. We started focusing on the togetherness aspects of the holiday and the singing. This year Ryan found me a gift and decided to save it until Christmas. He said I didn't need to get him anything, but I stumbled upon something really cool.

I got him this:
It's contoured to fit into your hand and the whole thing is delightfully heavy. After stroking it with his hands and then rubbing it against his face, Ryan put it in his pocket, so I think he likes it.

He got me this:

1937 Edition of the Oxford Universal English Dictionary. Ten volumes. It's a slightly abridged version of the original, which is now 20-volumes and in revision again. Someday I'll own the full set, but this is glorious and has lots of old words that are harder to find in more recent dictionaries. It has examples of uses of the words from literature, which I love. They have lots of cool online resources, but being able to touch the pages and browse is one of my favorite things about a dictionary.

You can come to my house and gaze upon their loveliness. You can see the books above and below that we hastily cast aside for them. I'll rearrange everything later, but I had to be able to just sit here and gaze at them. My man, he loves me.


Lainey-Paney said...

OMG! You're such a nerd! I love it!!!!!!!

Zolafan said...

1937 OED, realize it won't have "blog" or "regifting" in it?

Sarah said...

Hey, I found you at storked! The OED look fabulous on your shelf! Well done husband, well done!