Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Stella on a tricycle!

Go to Julie's blog NOW and see a picture of Stella on her first tricycle.

Okay, back? Wunderkind picked it up right away even though she can't always reach the pedals. Oh, oh, oh, the cuteness. And did I mention that she was calling my name earlier that day? I had said I was going to walk to the store with them and then decided not to because I was tired, but Stella was out there calling my name. My tired from running 9 miles legs were suddenly reinvigorated and I leaped off the couch and ran downstairs.


Okay, now everyone else needs to post pictures! I know you're busy with family and all those trivialities, but I long for pictures!

I'm going to be downstairs with Ryan prepping the guest room/future nursery for paint and new flooring. We're also selling some of our old hodge-podge leftover from college days furniture on craigslist. Someone's coming to get the old couch today and we've gotten some nibbles on the console table from the downstairs hallway. I'm hoping we get some takers on the gorgeous oak sleigh bed. It's beautiful, but not our style anymore and ENORMOUS. Plus, we're hoping to get some money for it to plow back into the new floor. Not a princely sum, but anything will help since the whole project might be $600. Plus the new French doors since Ryan is convinced that the sliding glass ones are unsafe (and also drafty and ugly).


shoeaddict said...

Stella is so beautiful!

I want that bed but, we have a king sized matress

K in the Mirror said...

Pictures? Those are for people with only one child.... I'm ashamed to say I don't think there are any pictures of Luke's first Christmas, at least not on my camera. It sucks.

I shouldn't say that really, because my sister is still very good at taking lots and she has many children. In fact, if there are any, they will be shots she took because she's efficient like that.

Kate said...

That's okay that you didn't take pictures--you were too busy being with your kids. I'll bring my camera when I see you! :)

Kate said...

Shoe- I totally wanted to give it to you, too!

I sold it to a really nice family who needed a nice, sturdy bed. Seriously, the dad made 6'2" Ryan look tiny so I'm guessing his kids aren't dainty. I'm so glad it went to a good home and now we have some cash to buy safer doors for the future baby's room.