Friday, December 14, 2007

There's lazy and then there's...

kid comes up to me and hands in his essay. Obviously not written by him. And just in case I wasn't familiar with his handwriting (which I am), the essay was written in one color ink and he had written his name at the top in another color ink. Hello?

I just handed it back to him. He said that his girlfriend wrote it. Well, last I checked, she's not in my class... I didn't argue--I just looked at him. He said he was going to rewrite it and stomped off.

He came back about half an hour later and gave me his paper. I said I still wouldn't accept it (since I had just watched him copy the other one). He said he rewrote it and changed it and he would bring me the original. He handed them both to me and I just said I still wasn't going to grade it.

Once he left, because I am a fair(ly stupid and gullible) person, I read them both. Well, I read both of their first sentences. Word for word, the exact same.

Bzzzzt! Thank you for playing.

Luckily, this was my last class and now all I have are finals next week.


shoeaddict said...

Just give him a big, fat 0. Cheating!

K in the Mirror said...

I love the way "rewrite" means "put it in my own handwriting so the stupid teacher will think I'm suddenly not plagiarizing". On what planet? Especially when he sits there and does it right in front of you.

Kate said...

Yeah, it was classic.

And of course, the saddest thing is that he's definitely smart enough to have written the stupid thing himself in the first place.

Kate said...

Oh, and my gradebook has a special code for cheating just in case you forget why you gave the kid a zero.