Saturday, January 19, 2008

CVS, you're dead to me!

There is a CVS about 2 blocks from our house. Okay, there's probably a CVS 2 blocks from everyone's house, but that's another post. We go to this CVS because it's close, even though they seem to employ some of the dimmest people you've ever seen behind a pharmacy counter. And just in case it wasn't clear, I have visited a few pharmacies over the years. I'm not quite Collette Reardon. Not quite. Yet.

"I'm seriously concerned by the amount of medication on this table."
"Let me put on my thinking capsules"
"Oh, he's gonna be back..."
"Funny story."

Long story short...

I went to CVS today on my way home. I walked in and gave them my prescription. They verified my info and the person I spoke with told me she was just going to check that they had it in stock. She walked back with a bottle in her hand. She said they had it and it would be about 15-20 minutes. I said okay and went and sat down with my book.

About 10 minutes later she calls me over and says that they don't have the medicine in stock.

Do what? Did I not see her with the bottle? Did she not tell me she had it? Did she not just make me wait 10 minutes?

So, I asked her about the bottle she had in her hand before and she said it wasn't the right one.


She offered to call other CVS pharmacies to see if they had it in stock. Um, no thanks. She gave me back the prescription form and said sorry. I thanked her for wasting my time.

I refrained from driving my car into the drive-in window as I drove past. I really wanted to.

When Ryan got home, he called Walgreens and verified that they had the medicine. The closest store is maybe 4 blocks away, so we went there. They happily filled the prescription and I told them about the idiots at CVS and they were horrified.

I mean seriously, what is the explanation for that? Is she stupid, illiterate, and/or just careless? And which choice is least scary? Why is she filling prescriptions?!?

I contacted CVS and told them I want a response IN WRITING. After the last few times I've complained to places and the manager calls all pissy with me. No, you *&^ed up. Call and grovel. Call and offer me things. Don't call and tell me that I need to call you back so we can "clear this up." Anyway, in the meantime, and basically forever, Walgreens has a convert.


Shoeaddict said...

God, I'm turning into her! :) Oh, the freaking medicine. I'm starting Monday with the weaning off of the K though.

::cross fingers::

I have never tried CVS Pharmacy. I don't usually use them at all because they are expensive but Kelli buys things there for 2 cents.

I use a locally owned pharmacy. I know the pharmacist and they all know me by name (of course). There are pro's and con's to this approach but, it's served me well.

Kate said...

Best wishes with weaning off the K.

I can see that there would be pros and cons to a pharmacy where they know your name.

And the internet for buying anything embarrassing. ;)

K in the Mirror said...

I only buy things for two cents sometimes. This week there's nothing good, and it sounds like I should try Walgreen's anyway in sympathy. Good grief.

Kate said...

I wonder if the stuff that's cheap is stuff I would buy anyway. Or that's what I'm telling myself so I don't feel so lazy for not doing it.

I am thinking that it's probably the management at that particular pharmacy. And I/we all just need to stay vigilant that the pharmacy is giving us what they're supposed to.