Friday, January 25, 2008

I need a haircut!

Okay, I realize that this is not the ideal time to be making choices like this, but I can start thinking about it. Plus, it's not in the budget anyway, and I am not about to cut it myself.

So, it's all dry and damaged and needs to be cut, although there are no split ends somehow. And do not even get me started on all the white in it. But, the last two days I actually blew it dry before school. Shocking, I know.

What it actually looks like because I can't stand it in my face and tuck it behind my ears. Level of straightness and smoothness not typical. It's very thick and very wavy with a good deal of frizziness.

So, any suggestions? I want it to still be longish, long enough to tie back, and not require blow-drying or straightening. Sleep is much too precious for me.

P.S. I covered the chocolate syrup stain with my hair. Nice? =)

P.P.S. Can I donate to Locks of Love if my hair is layered?


Shoeaddict said...

WOW! You look so happy and fun!!!

Seriously, kate...

You do need a cut. You have a long face and the hair is bringing it down. You could use some layers if you don't want to lose length (you need to lose some, though). Then, just get a create curl gel/cream and scrunch it in towel dried hair.

Kate said...

Shoe, I was kind of thinking the same thing about making my face even longer. It looks rounder when I smile, but still. I need more layers--there used to be layers near my face. About 6 months ago! =)

Any pictures of what you're describing?

I'm thinking about waiting another month and if they take layered hair, I can donate 10 inches of it to Locks of Love and still have shoulder-length hair. Ryan would be okay with that as long as I didn't cut severe bangs. ;)

Kate said...

AND... it's heavy. When I put it up it hurts my head and my neck.

I just measured and 10inches would make it chin length, but that might be cute. =) And it just grows...