Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Is he talking about me?

I love Hobo Teacher because he has such a funny way of talking about all of the things that we all deal with. But sometimes, it's like he's talking about my life. Like today.

I do occasionally feel a bit guilty about "giving" my lovely sophomores to the other teachers, but then, it wasn't my choice. I didn't have anything to say about it. I was just informed. And no one has all of those chuckleheads together. The grouping of kids in a class makes such a big difference.

And in other news, the "trailer" seniors who replaced the sophomores are starting to get me and where I come from. As long as they do what they're supposed to, I'll joke and laugh and point out the rude, violent, and dirty things in the literature. But if they act like idiots, I will be a bitch. It's really simple. Such as: write your name on your paper. One kid was so belligerent yesterday that I nicely asked him to staple his paper and put his name on it and he said I was "tripping." Honestly, he was having one of those days that I could have handed him a piece of cake and he would have gotten mad. Granted, I am to the point where I don't take that personally.

Bizarrely, I do still get pissy when students tell me they didn't do something that everyone knows they did. I wasn't talking in class today. I just didn't hear you answer that question 300 times. The fact that I called them out BY NAME in class and the other students were telling them to be quiet? I should just laugh and walk away because it's no good to argue in cases like that. Ah...

I must sleep. A combination of factors including fighting illness and my new meds mean that I am sleepy during the middle of the day. And by middle I mean 7:30-5. I don't know about your industry, but it's frowned upon for the teacher to fall asleep in class.

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