Saturday, January 26, 2008

It was the sander, not the saw

I wondered because I didn't think there was any wood to cut hanging around. He's been working on the downstairs doors since New Year's and they are looking GREAT!

Here is what the house looked like (from the street) when we bought it. We took the bamboo out of the fence and Ryan cleaned and repainted it. Then we planted jasmine to soften it up and help a little with privacy. Hopefully it will grow a lot more this spring (next week?).

You can't really see the downstairs sliding door, but it's just like the one on the 2nd floor. It looked like a big hole in the house. And it had NO insulation so it was drafty.

Ryan decided that he could get an in-stock door and customize it himself. Big $$ savings there. Plus, we didn't have to wait for them to order it. Big drama trying to get it, though. The Ghetto Home Depot by us had 3 in stock. All 3 were broken. We went to one out on the Katy Fwy. and they had it but their rental truck was broken. So we had them deliver it.

With great trepidation on his part, Ryan pulled the old door out, put in insulation, and installed the door. He was worried that he'd have to take some of the siding off--it's in huge sheets, so luckily he didn't have to do that. He trimmed the outside and inside and then pulled out the grilles on both sides. I like the look of them, but they're way too busy for our house.

Yes, the floor in the spare 'oom is stained concrete. When we have the money, we want to put bamboo flooring on the entire first floor. Ryan estimated about $600, although that was just for the spare room, but the hallway isn't much more square footage.

Back to the doors. Ryan then painted the outside of them and the trim he made to match the house...

Don't they look fantastic? They look fabulous! And, it was kind of my idea... Basically, the people who live on the corner next to us have tiny French doors on their balconies and I was staring out the kitchen window one day and suggested we do that rather than some fancy schmancy all-metal door for $5K. And we both think it looks even better this way--it looks seamless.

Now he's working on the inside...

Before, downstairs:
Before/now upstairs:Now downstairs:

He's working on the trim on the inside of the windows. It's so cool. I'm so proud of him!


Loni said...

I am so envious of your handy-man hubby! The doors look awesome. Great job, Ryan! :)

AlaneM said...

Your house looks great! I have a handi hubby too but mine is not so great on the finish work...sigh.

zydeco fish said...

Wow, that looks amazing. It makes me want to renovate.

Kate said...

Ladies, if it makes you feel any better, he's gotten me flowers once in 7 years. Not that I'm complaining, though since I get all this free labor. And he brings me chocolate. =)